a-level physical education

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Decks in this class (30)

Cardiovascular system :)
Cardiac conduction system,
Neural control mechanism,
Hormonal control mechanism
29  cards
Respiratory System :)
Lung volumes,
Tidal volume,
Minute ventilation
21  cards
Neuromuscular System :)
Sympathetic nervous system,
Parasympathetic nervous system,
Slow oxidative fibres type 1
22  cards
Musculoskeletal System :)
Articulating bones,
Joint actions in sagittal plane t...,
Joint action in frontal plane sag...
26  cards
Energy Systems :)
Energy transfer in body,
Energy from atp,
Aerobic system
40  cards
Skill acquisition :)
Skill characteristics,
19  cards
Practice and Guidance :)
Whole practice,
Whole pros and cons,
Progressive part practice
38  cards
Information processing :)
How to develop schemas,
Stages of information processing,
Whiting s information processing ...
28  cards
Pre-Industrial Britain :)
Characteristics of life in pre in...,
Limited communication transport,
Widespread illi
15  cards
Industrial and Post-Industrial Britain :)
Rational recreation,
Industrial revolution negative ef...,
Industrial revolution
22  cards
Britain after WW2 :)
Development of association football,
Elite female footballers,
Positive factors in increasing pa...
15  cards
Sociological Theory - Equal Opportunities :)
Equal opportunities,
Overt discrimination
41  cards
Sport England :)
Sport england,
Towards an active nation 2016 2021,
Key principles of work
15  cards
Dietary Supplements :)
Glycogen loading,
Glycogen loading advantages,
Glycogen loading disadvantages
13  cards
Nutrition :)
Carbohydrate proportion of diet,
Exercise related function carbs
29  cards
Data Terms :)
Quantitative data,
Qualitative data,
Objective data
6  cards
Preparation and Training Methods :)
Warm up,
Benefits of warm ups,
Static stretching
32  cards
Injury Prevention & Rehabilitation :)
Protective equiptment,
Warm up
31  cards
Biomechanical Principles :)
Newtons first law,
Newtons first law inertia,
Newtons second law acceleration
19  cards
Motion :)
Projectile motion,
Angle of release,
Speed of release
54  cards
Sports Psychology
Attitude formation past experiences,
Attitude formation socialisation
39  cards
Goal Setting :)
Benefits of goal setting,
Task orientated goals,
Process goals
12  cards
Concepts of Physical Activity :)
Sporting development continuum,
Characteristics physical recreation,
Functions physical recreation
16  cards
Development of Elite Performers
0  cards
Ethics in Sport :)
Gentleman amateur,
Modern day amateurism
13  cards
Violence in Sport :)
Causes of violence
12  cards
Drugs in Sport :)
Social reasons,
Psychological reasons
22  cards
Sport and the Law :)
Sports law,
Loss of earnings
21  cards
Impact of Commercialisation
Golden triangle,
Benefits of golden triangle on sport,
Disadvantages of golden triangle ...
7  cards
Technology in Sport
0  cards

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