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M2 Units, Measurement and Errors
Define quantity,
What are the six basic quantities...,
What is deci to the power of and ...
37  cards
M2 Scalars, Vectors and Equilibrium
Define scalar quantities,
Define vector quantities,
Give examples of scalar quantities
18  cards
M3 Kinematics and Linear Motion
Define speedgive unit,
Define velocitygive unit,
Define accelerationgive unit
25  cards
M3 Newton's Laws and Momentum
How are acceleration and force re...,
How do we represent force,
Define newton
63  cards
M3 Springs and Materials
What is hookes law,
What is stiffness constant spring...,
What does it mean if the stiffnes...
31  cards
M4 Electricity
Whats an electric current,
Define coulomb,
What does the equation q it meang...
75  cards
M4 Waves - Part 1
features of waves, phase difference, EM waves, polarisation, intensity
53  cards
M4 Waves - Part 2
superposition, young's slits, path difference, diffraction gratings
40  cards
M4 Refraction
snell's law refractive index TIR
15  cards
M4 Stationary Waves
When do stationary waves occur,
Give examples of stationary waves,
What can you observe in the melde...
28  cards
M4 Quantum Physics
What is the photoelectric effect,
What is threshold frequency,
What does it mean if frequency is...
34  cards
M5, C1 Thermal Physics
How do particles behave in a soli...,
How do particles behave in a liqu...,
How do particles behave in a gas
62  cards
M5, C2 Circular Motion and Oscillations
Define angular velocity,
What are the units of angular vel...,
What is the linear speed
55  cards
M5, C3 Gravitational Fields
Define gravitational field,
What are gravitational field line...,
What is newtons law of gravitation
34  cards
M5, C4 Astrophysics and Cosmology
the solar system astronomical distances stellar evolution stellar radiation and luminosity stellar spectra the big bang theory the evolution of the universe
91  cards
M6, C1 Capacitors
Define capacitor,
What are capacitors made of,
What is the circuit symbol for a ...
30  cards
M6, C2 Electric Fields
What does the capacitance of a ca...,
What does this equation mean c _0...,
What equation can you use for the...
40  cards
M6, C3 Electromagnetism
Which way do field lines go on a ...,
The closer the field lines on a m...,
How could you determine the direc...
56  cards
M6, C4 Nuclear and Particle Physics
atomic structure the nucleus particles and antiparticles quarks and antiquarks radioactive decay nuclear decay equations exponential law of decay half-life and radioactive dating binding energy nuclear fission and fusion fission reactors
118  cards
M6, C5 Medical Imaging
State some basic facts about x ra...,
How are x rays produced in x ray ...,
What are x ray tubes
76  cards

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