a level travel and tourism

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Theme 1
International tourists,
Secondary spending,
Domestic tourism
100  cards
LA-D Other Factors Affecting The Industry
External factors,
Internal factors,
Economic external factors
41  cards
World Of Tourism - D Keywords
Full board
28  cards
World Of Tourism C -keywords
Tourist arrivals,
Tourist generator,
Tourism receipts
8  cards
Employment In Travel And Tourism
Direct employment,
Indirect employment,
Types of roles available in the i...
10  cards
Technology in travel and tourism
Name different technology used fo...,
Ebrochures and websites what are ...,
Ebrochures what form and why
41  cards
Keywords list - Unit 1
United nations world tourism orga...,
Domestic tourism
136  cards
Unit 2 - Keywords list
51  cards
Unit 2 - LA D
Consumer trends affecting the app...,
Consumer trends affecting the app...,
Consumer trends affecting the app...
11  cards
Unit 2 Global destinations - Learning Aim C
What are the factors considered w...,
What are the factors of convenien...,
What is a negative of convenience
34  cards
Unit 2 global destinations learning aim c keywords
Time zone,
Contingency plan
17  cards
Unit 2 keywords - LA D
Adrenaline seekers,
Silver surfers
12  cards
Unit 2 Learning Aim A
What are the types of tourism,
What are the features and appeal ...,
What are the features and appeal ...
5  cards
Unit 2 learning aim b
What are the major travel gateway...,
What are transport hubs,
Pros of air travel
27  cards
Unit 2 learning aim d
What are the changing consumer tr...,
What are the motivating factors,
13  cards
Unit 2 learning aim e
Factors affecting the changing po...,
Factors affecting the changing po...,
Factors affecting the changing po...
5  cards
General customer requirements - Activity 2
General customer needs,
General customer needs convenience,
General customer needs safety and...
8  cards
Activity 3 structure
Section 1,
Section 2
6  cards
Activity 1 structure
First section,
Section 2
5  cards

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a level travel and tourism

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