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Law-Fraud And Making Off Without Payment
What is the current law on fraud,
What is the law on fraud by false...,
What are the actus reus elements ...
58  cards
Sociology-beliefs-Religion In Global Context
What is religious fundamentalism ...,
What appeals to fundamentalists,
When does religious fundamentalis...
77  cards
What are the three types of exper...,
What two types of group are neede...,
What is the aim of a lab experiment
22  cards
How does functionalism explain cl...,
How does strain theory explain cl...,
How do subcultural theories expla...
60  cards
Socioogy-RM-Participant observation
What are the different types of o...,
What type of observation is actua...,
What are most observations like i...
35  cards
What are evolutional explanation,
What is the theory of sexual sele...,
What is the nature of sexual sele...
148  cards
Psychology-Social influence
What is conformity,
What three types of conformity di...,
What is compliance
65  cards
Sociology-Education-Social Class-External
What are the three external facto...,
What are the factors of cultural ...,
What are the factors of material ...
80  cards
What is capacity,
What is encoding,
What is duration
116  cards
Sociology-Families and Households-Couples
What does the domestic division o...,
What are the roles like in the tr...,
What is parsons 1955 functionalis...
118  cards
Who was the first person to call ...,
What did he believe,
What did he study
113  cards
Psychology-Approaches COPY
Who was the first person to call ...,
What did he believe,
What did he study
178  cards
Sociology-Education-Social Class-Internal
What does it mean to label someone,
What do studies show about teache...,
Who carries out most of the studi...
77  cards
Psychology-Research Methods
What does aim mean,
What is the independent variable,
What is the dependant variable
257  cards
What are the external factors of ...,
What factors are involved in cult...,
What do cultural deprivation theo...
129  cards
Law-Underlying Principles of Criminal Liability (AS)
What is criminal law concerned with,
What is the starting point for an...,
What are the two parts to defenda...
98  cards
What are statistics for gender in...,
What are statistics for gender in...,
What are statistics for gender in...
136  cards
Sociology-Education-Role in Society
What is functionalism based on,
What did durkheim 1903 identify,
What is social solidarity
77  cards
Law-Non-Fatal Offences (AS)
What are five non fatal offences,
What does it mean that assault an...,
What are assault and battery call...
66  cards
Sociology-Education-Educational Policy and Inequality
What was the first education system,
What did the education system beg...,
What is the tripartite system
97  cards
Law-Liability in Negligence (AS)
What is negligence,
What is tort,
What is the purpose of the law of...
73  cards
Law-The Courts:Procedure and Damages for Negligence Cases (AS)
Where are the majority of neglige...,
What does the manny in which each...,
Where are the largest claims heard
73  cards
Sociology-Families and Households-Childhood
How do sociologists view childhood,
What is the basic idea of childho...,
What does pilcher note
93  cards
What is reciprocity,
What research looks at reciprocity,
What did brazelton suggest about ...
149  cards
Law-Criminal Courts: Procedure and Sentencing (AS)
What criminal jurisdiction does t...,
What criminal jurisdiction does t...,
What are the three classification...
67  cards
Sociology-Families and Households-Theories
What do functionalists believe ab...,
What do functionalists see as a p...,
What does murdock argue about the...
51  cards
Sociology-Families and Households-Demography
What is the trend of birth rates,
What fluctuations in birth rate h...,
When was the third baby boom
121  cards
Psychology-Memory COPY
What is capacity,
Who studied capacity of stm,
What was millers study
6  cards
Sociology-Families and Households-Changing Patterns
What are the different changing f...,
How is divorce changing,
Although divorce is increasing wh...
139  cards
Last minute Law forgotten points
What act is an example of an omis...,
What case defined intent for mens...,
What are the types of intent
26  cards
What is lord cokes definition of ...,
What is the actus reus of murder ...,
Why is an omission able to make a...
97  cards
Psychology-Research Methods-Year2
What is science,
What is the scientific method,
What five key features is scienti...
86  cards
What act talks about theft,
What does s1 of the theft act 196...,
What are the actus reus sections ...
72  cards
What is brain plasticity,
What is functional recovery,
What factors are known to affect ...
204  cards
Sociology-Beliefs in society-theories of religion
What are the three definitions of...,
What are substantive definitions ...,
What are functional definitions o...
28  cards
Sociology-Beliefs in society-Religion and social change
In what two ways can religion be ...,
What are religious beliefs and fu...,
What did webers study of the prot...
59  cards
Sociology-research methods-choosing a research methods
What is primary data,
What do methods for gathering pri...,
What is an advantage of using pri...
63  cards
Where is the offence of robbery f...,
What does section 8 state,
What is the actus reus for robbery
27  cards
Law-Voluntary Manslaughter
What is voluntary manslaughter,
When was diminished responsibilit...,
Where is the definition of dimini...
47  cards
Sociology-Beliefs in Society-Sociologists
Weber 1905,
Durkheim 1915,
Yinger 1970
79  cards
What do heidensohn and silvestri ...,
What are examples of gender diffe...,
What are the gender differences i...
97  cards
What is schizophrenia,
How common is schizophrenia,
When is schizophrenia most often ...
148  cards
What is psychopathology,
What are the definitions of abnor...,
What is statistical infrequency
138  cards
What are the three subtopics of s...,
What does crockett say religion w...,
What major changes have happen in...
60  cards
Law-Involuntary Manslaughter
What are the three types of invol...,
What is the other term for unlawf...,
What are the elements of unlawful...
46  cards
What are the defences,
What are the rules on insanity ba...,
What is the main rule on insanity
143  cards
What are the types of religious o...,
Who was the first person to attem...,
How does troeltsch define churches
115  cards
What is burglary an offence under,
What are the two different ways t...,
What does section 9 1 a say
17  cards
Where is the definition of blackm...,
What are the four points that nee...,
What is the actus reus of blackmail
20  cards
Sociology-crime-functionalist, strain and subcultural theories
How does functionalism see society,
How do functionalists see crime a...,
What did durkheim say about crime...
65  cards
Sociology-crime-interactionism and labelling theory
What are labelling theorists inte...,
What does becker say about crime ...,
What is a deviant according to be...
66  cards
What do official statistics show ...,
What does the ministry of justice...,
What do statistics however not sh...
59  cards
Law-Law and Morals
What are rules,
How are rules often different fro...,
Even though rules are not always ...
57  cards
Law-Law and Justice
Are law and justice the same thing,
What is evidence of where law and...,
What are the miscarriages of just...
69  cards
Sociology-beliefs-ideology and science
What has been the impact of science,
More recently what are the views ...,
What distinguishes science from o...
77  cards
Law-Non-fatal offences (A2)
Where are the main non fatal offe...,
What are the main non fatal offen...,
What is common assault
108  cards
Sociology-Education: the research context
What are the five main groups and...,
What are the differences between ...,
What is the power and status diff...
57  cards
What are the neural influences of...,
What is the limbic system,
How is the amygdala associated wi...
167  cards
Law-Judicial Creativity
What was one of the old schools o...,
What are areas in criminal law wh...,
How have judges developed law on ...
72  cards
Sociology-Families and Households-Social Policy
How can social policy affect fami...,
How did social policy affect fami...,
How did social policy affect fami...
62  cards
Sociology-theory and methods-quantitative research methods
What are the three types of issue...,
What are the practical issues,
What are the ethical issues
102  cards
What is fault,
Why is fault an essential element...,
How can fault be seen in criminal...
46  cards
Sociology-theory and methods-qualitative research methods
What are the qualitative research...,
What are the practical issues wit...,
What theoretical factors do inter...
60  cards
Sociology-theory and methods-objectivity and values
Who are the classical thinkers th...,
Who were the early positivists,
For the early positivists what is...
34  cards
Sociology-theory and methods-Marxism
How is marxism similar to durkhei...,
How does marxism differ from func...,
How was marx described
32  cards
Sociology-theory and methods-Feminism
What is liberal feminism,
What is reformism,
What are the two ways liberal ref...
77  cards
Sociology-theories and methods-globalisation, modernity, postmodernity
What are modernist theories,
What is the aim of modernist theo...,
What is modern society
69  cards
Law-law and morals-balancing conflicting interests
What are interests,
How are rights protected by law,
How are rights interests seen in ...
29  cards
Sociology-theory and methods-sociology and science
What were the founding fathers of...,
What do positivists believe,
What is a key feature of the posi...
89  cards
Sociology-theory and methods-social policy
What is social policy,
What needs to be done in order to...,
What does worsley say social prob...
47  cards
Sociology-theory and methods-action theories
Who is weber,
What two levels does weber argue ...,
How can webers point of levels of...
94  cards
Psychology-issues and debates
What is gender bias,
What did hare mustin and marecek ...,
What is alpha bias
132  cards
Law-Criminal Damage
Where is the basic offence set out,
What does s 1 1 criminal damage a...,
What is destroy or damage
43  cards
Law-defences (Unit 4)
What are the defences,
What is duress,
How can duress exist
33  cards
Sociology-RM-Experiments in context
What issues do sociologists somet...,
What is an example of a lab exper...,
How did harvey and slatin carry o...
20  cards
What are the advantages of questi...,
What are the practical advantages...,
Why is reliability an advantage o...
15  cards
Sociology-RM-Questionnaires in context
What topics in education do socio...,
What points are important to look...,
What is operationalisation of con...
15  cards
What are the different types of i...,
What are structured or formal int...,
What are unstructured or informal...
40  cards
Sociology-RM-Interviews in context
What issues in sociology might so...,
What are practical issues with us...,
What type of interview is better ...
22  cards
Sociology-RM-Observations in context
How are observations mainly used ...,
What are structured observations,
What are practical issues of usin...
12  cards
Sociology-RM-Secondary Sources
What are the two main sources of ...,
What are official statistics,
What are examples of official sta...
33  cards
Sociology-RM-Secondary sources in context
Why are secondary sources used to...,
What issues in education are inve...,
What are the practical issues of ...
12  cards
Sociology-families and households-family diversity
What perspectives have been descr...,
What is the functionalist view of...,
What type of perspective is the n...
80  cards
Sociology-beliefs-religion, renewal and choice
Why do some sociologists reject t...,
What does davie argue about chang...,
What does it mean to move from ob...
95  cards
Sociology-crime-realist theories of crime
How does right realism see crime,
What do right realist crimes corr...,
What does right realism reflect
64  cards
Sociology-theory and methods-functionalism
What do functionalists often use ...,
How is system a similarity betwee...,
How are system needs a similarity...
52  cards
Sociology-crime-globalisation, green crime, human rights, state crime
What is globalisation,
How does held et al define global...,
What are the causes of globalisation
116  cards
How prevalent is crime and devian...,
What is a problem with the media ...,
How does the fact that the media ...
74  cards
How does clarke describe situatio...,
What does clarke identify,
Why do situational crime preventi...
134  cards

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