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Perception PSYCH 30
Behavioral and neural aspects of perception focusing on visual and auditory perception. Topics include: scientific methods for studying perception, anatomy and physiology of the visual and auditiory systems, color vision, depth perception, motion perception, stereopsis, visual recognition, pitch and loudness perception, speech perception, and reorganization of the visual system in the blind.
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Learning and Memory PSYCH 45
This course provides an introductory survey of the literature on learning and memory, including consideration of the cognitive and neural organization of memory, mechanisms of remembering and forgetting, and the nature of false memories. Cognitive theory and behavioral evidence will be integrated with data from patient studies and functional brain imaging.
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Cognitive Neuroscience PSYCH 50
Survey of topics relating brain activity to cognitive processes and behavior. The course begins with an overview of neurophysiology and techniques to measure brain activity. We then discuss perceptual and motor processes before investigating neural responses related to attention, memory, and cognitive control. The course concludes with a discussion of brain processes related to reward, decision making, and social cognition.
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Developmental Psychology PSYCH 60
Psychological development from birth to adulthood, emphasizing infancy and the early and middle childhood years. The nature of change during childhood and theories of development
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Clinical Psychology PSYCH 90
History of clinical psychology, models and assessment of personality, behavior, cognition, psychopathology, and approaches to the treatment of abnormal behavior. Emphasis is on current theory, research, issues in, and the role of clinical psychology in contemporary society.
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Cognitive Neuroscience PSYCH 202
Graduate core course. The anatomy and physiology of the brain. Methods: electrical stimulation of the brain, neuroimaging, neuropsychology, psychophysics, single-cell neurophysiology, theory and computation. Neuronal pathways and mechanisms of attention, consciousness, emotion, language, memory, motor control, and vision.
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Cortical Plasticity: Perception and Memory PSYCH 206 (rec: after 30 and 45)
Topics will include: neural bases of implicit memory, recognition memory, visual priming, and perceptual learning. Emphasis will be placed on reviewing recent research with an interdisciplinary scope, including discussion of theory, behavioral findings, neural mechanisms, and computational models
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Developmental Neurobiology BIO 158
The principles of nervous system development from the molecular control of patterning, cell-cell interactions, and trophic factors to the level of neural systems and the role of experience in influencing brain structure and function. Topics: neural induction and patterning cell lineage, neurogenesis, neuronal migration, axonal pathfinding, synapse elimination, the role of activity, critical periods, and the development of behavior. Prerequisite: BIO 42 or equivalent.
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Nervous System NBIO 206
Structure and function of the nervous system, including neuroanatomy, neurophysiology, and systems neurobiology. Topics include the properties of neurons and the mechanisms and organization underlying higher functions. Framework for general work in neurology, neuropathology, clinical medicine, and for more advanced work in neurobiology.
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Emotion PSYCH 161
The scientific study of emotion. Topics: models of emotion, emotion antecedents, emotional responses (facial, subjective, and physiological), functions of emotion, emotion regulation, individual differences, and health implications. Focus is on experimentally tractable ideas.
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