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Directional and Regional Terminology
Anterior ventral
64  cards
Week 1 terms
20  cards
Axial and Appendicular Skeleton
How many vertebra in cervical region,
How many vertebra in thoracic region,
How many vertebra in lumbar region
6  cards
Matter may exist in several state...,
62  cards
Generalized cell
39  cards
Tissues consist of,
4 basic types of tissues
54  cards
The Skeletal System
Components of the skeletal system,
Functions of the skeletal system,
Bone is considered a subtype of w...
44  cards
Intervertebral joints,
Characteristics of introvert,
The anterior and posterior longit...
16  cards
How are articulations classified,
Types of functional classificatio...
41  cards
The Muscular System
What does the muscular system con...,
Functions of the muscular system,
Characteristics of muscle tissue ...
70  cards
Muscles - origin, insertion, action
Scalene group,
13  cards
Nervous system intro
Components of the nervous system,
Functions of the nervous system,
The neurons that make up the brai...
24  cards
Nerve Impulse Transmission
Nerve action potentials,
When not conducting impulses neur...,
Resting membrane potential
24  cards
The Brain
Many functions of the nervous sys...,
The brain is a vital and necessar...,
What protects the brain
62  cards
Spinal cord
3 key functions of the spinal cord,
The spinal cord is very delicate ...,
3 layers of the spinal meninges
19  cards
Muscles that move the scapula
Rhomboids major and minor,
Levator scapulae
5  cards
Muscles that move the humerous
Teres minor
8  cards
Muscles of the elbow and radioulnar joints
Biceps brachii,
8  cards
Muscles of the wrist, fingers, and thumb
The wrist is______kind of joint f...,
The wrist joint allows what type ...,
Interphalangeal joints are ______...
16  cards
Cranial Nerves
Some nerves meet up with the brai...,
Some nerves meet up with the spin...
16  cards
Spinal Nerves
Spinal nerves,
How many pairs of spinal nerves a...,
Breakdown of the pairs of spinal ...
25  cards
Muscles of the Hip and Knee Joint
Psoas major,
The only quad muscle to cross ove...,
Rectus femoris part of quadriceps...
19  cards
Cranial nerve - Name/Number
Cn i,
Cn ii,
Cn iii
27  cards
Spinal Nerves - Selected nerves
Nerves off of cervical plexis,
Phrenic nerve,
Nerves off of the brachial plexus
17  cards
Efferent Division of Nervous System
The efferent division consists of...,
The efferent division can be subd...,
The efferent division consists of...
25  cards
Thigh Muscles
Rectus femoris,
Vastus lateralis,
Vastus medalis
10  cards
Leg Muscles
Tibialis posterior
10  cards
Afferent Division
The afferent division of the nerv...,
Most sensory neurons are __polar ...,
36  cards
Sensation and General Senses
The process of sensation involves
42  cards
Special Senses - vision
The receptors of special senses a...,
The neural pathways for specializ...,
Receptors for vision are located ...
35  cards
The ear contains receptors for th...,
The outer ear consists of,
The middle ear
18  cards
SPECIAL SENSES - equilibrium, olfaction, gustation
The receptors for equilibrium are...,
The vestibular apparatus includes...,
Equilibrium uses what kind of rec...
9  cards

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