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Describe the result of adding a l...,
How do you convert a fraction int...,
What is the key step that must be...
17  cards
Define matter,
Matter may exist in what three st...,
Define kinetic energy
27  cards
Basic Electricity
One kilowatt is equal to how many...,
What law describes the most funda...,
What are the three elements of oh...
21  cards
Aircraft Drawings
How many views are required to re...,
What kinds of parts can be repres...,
What is the name for a part of a ...
13  cards
Weight and Balance
If an aircraft is loaded so that ...,
If all the records for an aircraf...,
Define tare weight and describe h...
24  cards
Aircraft Structural Materials
How do you work harden a piece of...,
Describe the primary difference b...,
Explain how thermoplastic and the...
7  cards
Aircraft hardware
What is indicated by the markings...,
How can you keep heat treated alu...,
What is the grip length of a bolt
8  cards
Hand tools and measuring devices
What type of precision measuring ...,
For what reasons should a microme...
2  cards
Fluid lines and fittings
What are the two types of fluid l...,
Describe the method of classifyin...,
When installing stainless steel t...
20  cards
Nondesctructive testing
Describe the steps involved in a ...,
Name some tools that are commonly...,
What are some of the non destruct...
8  cards
Cleaning and corrosion
Is there any requirement for clea...,
Discuss the general precautions t...,
What are some of the more common ...
21  cards
Ground handling and servicing
Name at least three possible haza...,
What is the most generally used k...,
Describe the precautions that sho...
21  cards
maintenance publications, forms and records
What federal aviation regulation ...,
What part of the fars describes t...,
What part of the fars describes t...
41  cards
Mechanic privilege's and limitations
What publication should a mechani...,
Where in the fars will you find t...,
What are the ratings issued under...
20  cards

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