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In order to be diagnosed with sch...,
Other symptoms that patients may ...,
What are delusions
13  cards
Genes as an explanation for Schizophrenia
Who is at highest risk of getting...,
What is the role of the 22q11 gen...,
What other gene has potential imp...
14  cards
The Dopamine Hypothesis, Neurotransmitter explanation
What does it believe the cause of...,
What causes the positive symptoms,
What causes the negative and cogn...
18  cards
Drug treatment for Schizophrenia
How do antipsychotics work,
Characteristics of typical antips...,
Characteristics of a typical drugs
19  cards
Social Causation Hypothesis
What psychological approach is so...,
What brought about the explanation,
What has the fact that there is a...
20  cards
Carlsson et al (2000)
What was the aim of this study,
What does hyperdominergia and hyp...,
What research method does this st...
25  cards
Researching Mental Health
What is primary data,
What is an example of a researche...,
What is secondary data
43  cards
CBT for Schizophrenia
What is cbt,
What 3 underlying assumptions is ...,
Why is cbt sometimes used instead...
23  cards
Bradshaw (1998) - Case Study
What is significant about this ca...,
Who was carol,
Was carol her real name
40  cards
What is clinical psychology?
What is clinical psychology,
What does clinical psychology aim...,
What is a diagnosis
15  cards
Diagnostic tools - DSM and ICD
How many axis does the dsm v have,
When was the original dsm published,
What addition is the dsm currentl...
23  cards
Rosenhan (1973)
What was the aim of the first study,
1 did the individuals conducting ...,
1 how many pseudo patients were t...
40  cards
The reliability and validity of Diagnosis
Why are unstructured interviews n...,
What increases the reliability an...,
What is an issue with patients th...
16  cards
Does culture affect mental health?
How does culture affect the expre...,
How do culture differences become...,
What is the culture bound syndrom...
13  cards
Unipolar Depression
What is unipolar depression,
What is the difference between ma...,
What two symptoms must be present...
14  cards
The Monoamine Hypothesis
What are monoamines,
Which monoamines is the hypothesi...,
What suggests that monoamines are...
22  cards
The Cognitive Explanation of Unipolar Depression
What does the cognitive explanati...,
What are schemata,
What will a generalised negative ...
29  cards
The Biological Treatment for Unipolar Depression - Drug Therapy
Why are antidepressants given to ...,
How do antidepressants treat depr...,
What form are antidepressants tak...
26  cards
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Depression
What happens as a result of negat...,
What are the main focuses of cbt ...,
What is the aim of the treatment
24  cards
Williams et al (2013)
What was the aim,
Did they compare the data to a co...,
How did they measure improvement
31  cards
HCPC Guidelines
What are the hcpc,
What does the guideline communica...,
What does the guideline delegate ...
24  cards
Brown et al (1986) and Interviews
What is an interview,
What is a structured interview,
What is a semi structured interview
32  cards
Key Question
What is the key question,
How much does stress cost uk busi...,
How is absenteeism affected by me...
24  cards

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