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Limit Speeds
Flap 1,
Flap 1 f,
Flap 2
36  cards
Engine Limits
Max time for to thrust on 2 engines,
Max time for to thrust on 1 engine,
Max n1
23  cards
Tolerances on app
Rate of descent,
14  cards
Low Vis
Takeoff with rl cl,
Takeoff with rl clm,
Rl cl or cm
36  cards
APU Limitations
Maximum apu egt on start,
Maximum apu egt continuous,
Minimum apu battery voltage for s...
14  cards
ECAM alerts
Eng oil ecam adv,
Apu low oil ecam adv,
Cab pr ecam adv
10  cards
Limitations General
Auto brake arms active min speed,
Maximum rudder trim after engine ...,
Nose wheel tyre pressure rang
32  cards
A330 Fuel System
Maximum fuel temperature,
Minimum fuel temperature in flight,
Minimum fuel temperature in fligh...
40  cards
Ops Fuel Requirements
Min fuel required at dpa,
Min fuel cpe etops
2  cards
General numbers
Diversion data based on a zfw of,
Apu burn rate on ground bleed on ...,
Apu burn rate in flight bleed on ...
24  cards
Pre flight altimeter check betwee...,
Pre flight altimeter check betwee...,
In flight altimeter check between...
17  cards
Cold Weather, Icing
Icing conditions are,
Engine ice shedding requirements ...,
Fuel frost permitted on upper sur...
10  cards
Alert pa,
Turbulence pa,
Seatbelt pa
10  cards
Actions In Response
Can pres excess cab alt,
Cracked inner cockpit window,
Smoke fumes at any point not able...
8  cards
T/O Segments, Gradients, Obst, CDPs Etc
1st segment begins ends gradient ...,
2nd segment begins ends gradient ...,
3rd segment begins ends gradient ...
10  cards
Etops distance for a330 from what
1  cards

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