aanp fnp: pediatrics

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Growth & Development
Fine motor milestones all together,
Gross motor milestones all together,
How do you determine bone age
43  cards
What types of hpv does the hpv qu...,
Hpv vaccine,
Meningococcal vaccine mcv4
22  cards
Phenylketonuria pku,
Trisomy 18 edward s syndrome,
Digeorge syndrome velocardiofacia...
12  cards
Infant Health
How old do infants have to be to ...,
First line for infants with fever,
What does a severely ill infant l...
24  cards
Perinatal and Newborn Health
How and when are newborns screene...,
When would you want to repeat the...,
All 50 states require newborn scr...
28  cards
Toddlers and Preschoolers
Gold standard for diagnosis of de...,
Toddler play versus preschooler play,
Hearing tests for toddlers and pr...
18  cards
School Aged Children
What are the recommendations for ...,
School age thought concrete opera...,
What is the recommended amount of...
15  cards
Who is the primary influence on a...,
Headss format for interviewing ad...,
What is the sexual maturity ratin...
10  cards
Pediatric Cardiology
What makes the s1 sound,
What makes the s2 sound,
What is systole
33  cards
Pediatric Gastroenterology
What are the causes of gastroente...,
Indications for testing stool for...,
What pathogens require 2 negative...
21  cards
Pediatric Dermatology
Hallmarks of tinea treatment,
When can a child return to school...,
Presentation of molluscum contagi...
23  cards
Pediatric ENT
Chemical conjunctivitis,
Gonococcal conjunctivitis,
Allergic conjunctivitis
19  cards
Pediatric Respiratory
Restrictive pulmonary disease,
Pathophysiology of asthma
15  cards
Pediatric MSK
Toxic synovitis,
Legg calve perthes disease,
Slipped capital femoral epiphysis...
17  cards
Pediatric Neurology
Possible causes of febrile headache,
Meningitis incidence,
When do you not do a lumbar puncture
19  cards
Pediatric Hematology
Reticulocyte count,
Iron deficiency anemia ida
10  cards
Pediatric Endocrinology
Treatment of dm1,
Frequency of dm screening for at ...,
Only approved hypoglycemic medica...
6  cards
Pediatric GU & GYN
Enuresis dx and tx,
Treatment of uti in kids,
Prehn s sign
12  cards

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