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MKSAP Board Basics Endocrinology
What s the difference between typ...,
Is it best to give basal insulin ...,
What causes dawn phenomenon where...
280  cards
Board Vitals Endocrinology
What can you use for monitoring r...,
Patient presents with precocious ...,
Familial progressive myoclonus ep...
120  cards
Rosh Review Endocrinology
What thyroid disorder predisposes...,
What patients are at high risk fo...,
Which pancreatic cells secrete gl...
5  cards
MKSAP Board Basics Cardiology
Who presents with atypical sympto...,
If a patient has a new mitral reg...,
What should you consider in a pat...
385  cards
Board Vitals Cardiology
Which cardiac valve abnormality c...,
What valvular abnormality does re...,
Systolic murmur heard best at the...
205  cards
Rosh Review Cardiology
Should nitrates be given to a pat...,
When should oxygen be administere...,
Patients with nstemi and low timi...
19  cards
UWorld Cardiology
Patient presents with transient v...,
Patient presents with fatigue dys...,
What is the initial recommended t...
53  cards
MKSAP Board Basics Gastroenterology
What test is used to evaluate sus...,
What is the first test to order w...,
What are gi alarm features
150  cards
Board Vitals Gastroenterology
Is barrett s esophagus more commo...,
Does helicobacter pylori infectio...,
Are patients with dyspepsia and h...
133  cards
Rosh Review Gastroenterology
What is the most definitive diagn...,
Should you do a colonoscopy to ex...,
What is the recommended colonosco...
17  cards
UWorld Gastroenterology
What is seen on egd in patients w...,
What causes a smooth tight strict...
2  cards
Board Vitals Rheumatology
What is the treatment of fibromya...,
What are second line drugs for fi...,
Which snri is not preferred for f...
120  cards
Rosh Review Rheumatology
Biopsy findings in a patient with...,
What is the treatment of sclerode...,
When is nitroprusside added to ca...
16  cards
Board Vitals Infectious Disease
What is the drug of choice to tre...,
Which drug is preferred in non se...,
What is the treatment of severe b...
231  cards
UWorld Infectious Disease
Can naat testing detect both livi...,
How long does naat testing stay p...
2  cards
Rosh Review Infectious Disease
What is the treatment of primary ...,
What is the treatment of secondar...,
What is the treatment of tertiary...
37  cards
Medstudy Pulmonary
What is the treatment of active t...,
What is the treatment of latent t...,
What is the best diagnostic test ...
107  cards
MKSAP Board Basics Pulmonology
What fev1 fvc ratio indicates air...,
What increase in fev1 with bronch...,
What increase in fvc with broncho...
355  cards
Boards Vitals Pulmonary
When a patient has asthma polypos...,
What should you do for patients w...,
What cells are involved in inflam...
86  cards
Rosh Review Pulmonary
Does daily interruption of sedati...,
Does use of silver coated endotra...,
Does use of silver coated endotra...
7  cards
UWorld Pulmonology
What ph is acceptable on the vent...,
Should the peep be high or low in...,
What is the recommended plateau p...
4  cards
Board Vitals Nephrology and Urology
Which two medical conditions are ...,
Which renal tubular acidosis is a...,
Which renal tubular acidosis is a...
122  cards
Rosh Review Nephrology
What kidney disease has histologi...,
What is the most common cause of ...,
How does dietary salt intake affe...
3  cards
Board Vitals Oncology
What cancer most commonly metasta...,
Which malignancy is the most comm...,
Which malignancy is the most comm...
93  cards
Rosh Review Oncology
For palliative air hunger should ...,
What breathing pattern is commonl...
2  cards
Board Vitals Hematology
Patient has low serum iron low to...,
What stimulates megakaryocytes an...,
Does folate deficiency cause neur...
97  cards
Rosh Review Hematology
What is the differential diagnosi...,
What is the treatment of heparin ...,
9  cards
UWorld Hematology
What test assesses the effects of...,
What should you do if a patient o...
2  cards
Board Vitals Psychiatry
Is relapse of depression common a...,
Do benefits of psychotherapy for ...,
What is the heart rate in patient...
57  cards
Board Vitals Geriatrics
What is most likely to affect an ...,
If a long list of medications is ...,
What symptoms are older patients ...
29  cards
Rosh Review Geriatrics
Which class of antihypertensive t...
1  cards
Board Basics MKSAP Neurology
What should the operative risk of...,
What percentage of carotid artery...,
What size brain aneurysm in the p...
7  cards
Board Vitals Neurology
What is the first test when papil...,
When should you do a lumbar punct...,
Do symptoms of myasthenia gravis ...
116  cards
UWorld Neurology
Does hypercapnia typically cause ...,
Does a cerebellar hemorrhage typi...,
What is the cushing reflex
88  cards
Board Vitals Dermatology
Patient presents with recurrent e...,
Hereditary hemorrhagic telangiect...,
Young patient with telangiectasia...
82  cards
UWorld Dermatology
How is a diagnosis of pemphigus v...,
What is the treatment of herpes z...,
Should steroids be started for pe...
3  cards
Board Vitals Allergy and Immunology
Which antibody is associated with...,
Which cells is immunoglobulin e p...,
What is type 1 hypersensitivity
73  cards
Board Vitals Obstetrics and Gynecology
What is a contraindication to the...,
Is history of multiple pregnancie...,
Is abnormal uterine bleeding a co...
40  cards
Board Vitals Otolaryngology and Dental Medicine
Where is the tuning fork placed i...,
Where is tuning fork placed in th...,
In a normal rinne test is air con...
26  cards
Board Vitals Ophthalmology
What happens if there is muscle e...,
What happens if there is muscle e...,
What is the difference between a ...
25  cards
Board Vitals
How does infection with mycoplasm...,
Does mycoplasma pneumoniae infect...,
How long after mycobacterium pneu...
156  cards
Rosh Review
Young female patient presents wit...,
What are potential diet and envir...
2  cards

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