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abnormal child and adolescent psychology (4th edition)

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Decks in this class (16)

Chapter 1. Science and Practice
Apa ethics code,
Categorical classification in dsm 5
30  cards
Chapter 2. Causes
Adaptive behavior,
53  cards
Chapter 3. Research Methods
Affective bias,
49  cards
Chapter 4. Assessment and Treatment
Academic achievement,
Behavior therapy
40  cards
Chapter 5. Intellectual Disability
Adaptive functioning,
American association on intellect...,
44  cards
Chapter 6. Autism Spectrum Disorder
Augmentative and alternative comm...,
Autism and developmental disabili...,
Autism genome project
35  cards
Chapter 7. Communication & Learning Disorders
Anticipatory struggle theory of s...,
Auditory perception,
Childhood onset fluency disorder
60  cards
Chapter 8. ADHD
Alpha 2 receptor agonist,
Attention deficit hyperactivity d...
35  cards
Chapter 9. Conduct Problems
Adolescent onset conduct problems,
Aggression replacement training art,
Antisocial personality disorder aspd
31  cards
Chapter 10. Substance Use Problems
12 step programs,
Abstinence violation effect,
34  cards
Chapter 11. Anxiety & OCD
Anxiety sensitivity
41  cards
Chapter 12. Trauma & Maltreatment
Abuse narrative,
Acute stress disorder,
Adverse childhood experiences ace...
34  cards
Chapter 13. Depression, Suicide & Self-Injury
Activity scheduling,
Automatic thoughts,
44  cards
Chapter 14. Bipolar & Schizophrenia
Attenuated psychosis syndrome aps,
Bipolar i disorder,
Bipolar ii disorder
36  cards
Chapter 15. Feeding & Eating Disorders
Anorexia nervosa an,
Appetite manipulation,
Avoidant restrictive food intake ...
28  cards
Chapter 16. Health-Related Disorders
Arginine vasopressin avp
36  cards

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abnormal child and adolescent psychology (4th edition)

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