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Definition of shcn,
Aapd policy on transitioning care,
Guideline on management of patien...
73  cards
Amalgam composition,
What does tin do in amalgam,
What does copper do in amalgam
149  cards
Pulp Therapy and Trauma
What is the origin of pulp,
Dentin components,
Primary dentin
129  cards
Prevalence and severity of period...,
Epidemiology of gingivitis,
Normal pediatric periodontium fea...
85  cards
Growth and Development
Period of the ovum,
Period of the embryo,
Period of the fetus
130  cards
Behavior Guidance
Pediatric treatment triangle,
Piaget s stages of cognitive deve...,
Sensorimotor stage
180  cards
Radiation/Infection Control
Image gently,
Millimeter wave technology unit,
Pregnancy and radiation
54  cards
Prevention/Anticipatory Guidance
Definition of anticipatory guidance,
Definition of dental caries,
Contributing factors to caries
102  cards
Oral Pathology
4 most common non odontogenic bon...,
Idiopathic bone sclerosis,
Simple bone cyst
129  cards
Weebly Study Guide
Adrenal insufficiency addison s d...
97  cards
Trauma Guidelines
Primary tooth enamel fracture fol...,
Primary tooth crown fracture foll...,
Primary tooth crown root fracture...
80  cards
Pediatric Lab Values
Red blood cell
36  cards
Calcification times
Primary central incisors,
Primary lateral incisors,
Primary canines
13  cards
Developmental milestones
Talking 0 3 months,
Hearing and understanding 0 3 months,
Talking 4 6 months
13  cards

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