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EMC Practice Questions
A young woman presents to the ed ...,
First aid in the form of compress...,
An 80 year old woman presents to ...
130  cards
ALS and BLS Course
What is the chain of survival,
What is the bls algorithm,
What is the als algorithm
65  cards
ALS and BLS Practice Questions
You have been called to the gener...,
Atropine is indicated for all sys...,
In reference to the following rhy...
20  cards
1.1 Principles of Emergency Medicine
Describe the initial emergency me...,
Explain recognition of risk in th...,
A 35 year old woman
27  cards
1.2a Resuscitation (A - Airway)
Describe the pyramid of airway ma...,
How do you assess an airway,
What are the signs of an obstruct...
24  cards
1.2b Resuscitation (B - Breathing)
Define breathing,
What is the major sign of comprom...,
Name patients you should consider
18  cards
1.2c Resuscitation (C - Circulation) & Anaphylaxis
How does poor circulation manifes...,
How do you assess for poor perfusion,
Is the patient stable or unstable...
16  cards
1.2d Resucitation (D - Disability)
What is altered loc,
Define some terms used to describ...,
What are the 3 domains of the gcs...
13  cards
1.2e Resuscitation (E - Exposure & Environment)
What are the key features to reme...
1  cards
1.2f Resuscitation (ALS & BLS)
What is bls what is als,
What is the bls algorith,
What is the correct location dept...
19  cards
1.2g Resuscitation - IV and IO Access
Describe the steps to inserting a...,
What vein is this,
What size interosseous cannula sh...
9  cards
1.2h IV Fluids and Dehydration
Describe the how and why of iv fl...,
Describe the who and what of iv f...,
What are the signs of clinical de...
4  cards
1.2i Resuscitation (Shock and Sepsis)
What is the formula for cardiac o...,
Briefly explain how c,
What is the formula for blood pre...
38  cards
1.3 Trauma
Describe the cabcde approach to t...,
Visualise the assessment of a tra...,
What is the target systolic bp fo...
21  cards
1.4 Pain Management
What are the 2 major types of pain,
Describe the management options f...,
What are the tenets of morphine use
16  cards
1.5 Mental and Behavioural Disturbances
What forms of restraint can be used,
What does medical clearance actua...,
Describe a patient with a psychia...
5  cards
1.6 Infectious Diseases
0  cards
2.6 Orthopaedic Emergencies
Explain how to apply a below knee...
1  cards

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