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Argentina and Chile
White wines labeled riserva and g...,
Red wines labeled riserva and gra...,
What province is cafayate located in
66  cards
Australia and New Zealand
Broke fordwhich located where,
Riverina is located in what aus s...,
Riverland is located in what aus ...
104  cards
What is coulure,
What is millerandage,
What is assemblage
118  cards
Estates in rias baixas are called...,
What are the five do s of galicia,
How many do s does the canary isl...
147  cards
Northern Italy
What are the mt ranges in alto adige,
What is the most planted white gr...,
Kerner is a cross between what gr...
168  cards
Central and Southern Italy
Who is marquis mario rocchetta,
How many docg s of tuscany,
Carmignano morellino di scansano ...
98  cards
South Africa
Name the 3 estates that constanti...,
What is kwv in south africa,
What is sawit
60  cards
Rhone Valley
What is the minimum amount of gre...,
How many permitted varieties are ...,
Cotes du rhone village aop requir...
55  cards
Southern France
What are the principal grapes of ...,
What year was cotes du provence g...,
What is the name of the tradition...
67  cards
What is a gonc,
Tokaji esszencia must contain how...,
Tokaj lies on what two river
16  cards
United States
What was the first ava in america,
What year did napa valley gain av...,
If an ava is labeled how much of ...
63  cards
What is wort,
The bavarian purity law authorize...,
What is the preferred grain for beer
109  cards
Champagne-Sparkling wine
What is bouvreux,
What is belemnite chalk,
What is micraster chalk
97  cards
What are the three large wine gro...,
How many weinbaugbiete are there ...,
What is klosternueberg
107  cards
149  cards
What year did chablis add 1er cru...,
What is exogyra virgula,
What year was petit chablis created
115  cards
Loire Valley
Coteaux d ancenis reds are based ...,
Wines labeled sur lie must be age...,
What is pineau de loire
81  cards
Fortified Wine
What are the traditional fermenta...,
What is beneficio,
What is the name of the neutral s...
73  cards
East Mediterranean
Golan heights is an influential w...,
What is argaman,
What is emerald riesling
39  cards
Sylvaner is known as what in swit...,
What is the name of the warm dry ...,
What is dole
10  cards
Which two portugese,
What is the vine training system ...,
Vinho verde wines are predominant...
42  cards
New Zealand
What year were the first vines pl...,
What is tuku collective,
What year did the temperance move...
47  cards
What is the name of the pink sand...,
What is klevner,
What is gutedel
71  cards
What is retsina,
What are the permitted grapes for...,
What is kokkineli
46  cards
Mark up,
Mark up percentage formula,
Cogs formula
3  cards
Who invented the guyot sytem,
Cordon de royat is the preferred ...,
What is oidium
7  cards
When decanting how many coaster s...,
When taking an order where should...,
After the host orders a bottle of...
10  cards
Pierre peters is located where,
Who produces les chetillons where...,
Who produces clos du mesnil what ...
132  cards
Spirits, Liqueur & Cordial
What is the country of origin and...,
What is the country of origin and...,
What is the country of origin and...
39  cards
Paper plane,
17  cards
Practical Questions
Can you recommend 3 single barrel...,
Name 3 rye whiskies,
Im looking for a cognac do have a...
7  cards
Australian Producers
Where is henschke located,
Where is torbreck located,
Where is clarendon hills located
23  cards
Austrian Producers
Emmerich knoll is located where,
Brundlmayer is located where,
Where is fx pichler located
25  cards
German Producers
Where is donhoff located,
Where is jj prum located,
Where is peter keller located
14  cards
Low to moderate tannin red wine,
White wines that show oxidation,
White wines aged in neutral oak
16  cards
What do 03 07 09 11 17 have in co...,
Describe 2009 barolo s,
2013 champagne vintage
45  cards
Wine List
Chardonnay kistler les noisetiers...,
Gruner veltliner schloss gobelsbu...,
Gruner veltliner schloss gobelsbu...
15  cards
71  cards

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