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Wine Composition, Chemistry, and Faults
Define the 5 major components of ...,
Define tartaric acid in wine,
Discuss malic acid in grapes
20  cards
Foreign Language Terms to Know
Lieu dit
18  cards
Alsace & Lorraine
What mountain range forms the wes...,
What climatic effect do the vosge...,
What are the two departements of ...
57  cards
Three zones of champagne appellation,
What is the champagne zone de l e...,
What is the champagne zone de pro...
71  cards
Champagne - Producers & Cuvées
What commune is krug located in,
What is the prestige cuvee of krug,
What wine does krug release from ...
158  cards
Name all the regional aocs of bur...,
What style of wine is legally all...,
What soil type is chablis known for
175  cards
What is the main grape varietal o...,
What is the climate of beaujolais,
How many villages are allowed to ...
33  cards
Define boulbenes,
What are the two right bank aocs ...,
What grape varietals are prominen...
208  cards
Rhône Valley
What is the climate of the northe...,
What factor helps moderate the cl...,
What are the main soil types of t...
62  cards
Provence & Corsica
What is the umbrella aoc of provence,
What are the blending laws for co...,
What aoc in provence is famous fo...
44  cards
Jura & Savoie
What are the 5 main varietals of ...,
What is the common name for savag...
31  cards
Loire Valley
What is the climate of pays nantais,
What is the major grape varietal ...,
What grape varietal was tradition...
76  cards
Languedoc-Roussillon & Southwest
What are the two distinct noncont...,
What is the dominant grape in the...,
What styles of wines are authorzi...
42  cards
Northern Italy
What is the major river that cuts...,
What two mountain ranges cradle p...,
What do the alps provide to the c...
99  cards
Central Italy
What region of italy is home to t...,
What producer was considered the ...,
What is the climate of tuscany
63  cards
Southern Italy
What grape varietal was campania ...,
What is the soil of falerno del m...,
What are the grape varietals of f...
59  cards
The DOCGs of Italy
What are the grape varietals blen...,
In what region would you find the...,
What are the principle grape vari...
205  cards
How many anbaugebiete are there i...,
What are the four categories of g...,
What is the vdp in germany
104  cards
What are the four major wine regi...,
What are the three famous sub reg...,
What are the three overarching qu...
40  cards
What is the climate of greece,
What wind sweeps across the aegea...,
Which greek wine growing island i...
64  cards
Central & Eastern Europe
What two rivers confluence in tokaj,
In what year did tokaj s first vi...,
What mountain range provides shel...
107  cards
What is the most planted grape va...,
What are two notable indigenous g...,
Where are the vineyards of valais
12  cards
Spain - General & Wine Law
What mountain range separates,
What plateau makes up the heartla...,
How many autonomous communities a...
18  cards
Spain - The North
Who brought winemaking to the are...,
What is the white grape of rias b...,
What is the main soil type of ria...
176  cards
Spain - Central & South
What are the four sub zones of va...,
What are the two main white varie...,
What is the main style of wine pr...
100  cards
Spain - Vinos de Pago
In what region is the domino de v...,
In what region is the finca elez ...,
In what region is the guijoso vin...
24  cards
What are the two tiers of quality...,
What is the minimum percentage of...,
What are standard wines without g...
111  cards
AVAs of the United States
What two grapes make up over 70 o...,
What region in oregon is home to ...,
What is the umbrella ava of the w...
196  cards
What is the vintner s quality all...,
What region was the vintner s qua...,
What organization ensures quality...
19  cards
In what mexican state would you f...,
What is the famous wine region of...,
What is the climate of baja calif...
17  cards
What is the overall climate of ar...,
What wind from the andes helps dr...,
What provides water necessary for...
38  cards
What mountain range forms chile s...,
What desert forms the northern bo...,
What mountain range in chile runs...
6  cards
Uruguay & Brazil
Who is credited with introducing ...,
What are the two levels of classi...,
What i
39  cards
Australia - South Australia & New South Wales
What is the minimum required perc...,
What is the minimum required perc...,
What is the minimum required perc...
98  cards
Australia - Victoria, Tasmania, & Queensland
What is victoria s most imporant gi,
What is the climate of yarra vall...,
What moderates the warm mediterra...
83  cards
New Zealand
Who brought the first vitis vinif...,
What year did james busby bring v...,
What two figures founded the mode...
61  cards
South Africa
What is the kwvbriefly discuss it...,
What year was apartheid abolished,
What two oceans meet at south africa
139  cards
Eastern Mediterranean
What is the major fine wine regio...,
What is the major native grape va...,
What two grape is argaman a cross of
33  cards
Cognac, Armangnac, & Pisco
What is the overall climate of co...,
What ocean influences the climate...,
What river runs through the heart...
95  cards
Calvados & Eaux De Vie
What region of france is calvados...,
What are the three major aocs of ...,
What still does calvados typicall...
43  cards
Vodka, Gin, & Neutral Spirits
What is vodka,
What still is typically used in v...,
How many distillations does vodka...
32  cards
Scotch & Welsh Whisky
What are the two main ingredients...,
Where is scotch produced,
What is the min aging required fo...
61  cards
American Whiskey
Who founded kentucky s first dist...,
What year was elijah craig s dist...,
What are the requirements for a w...
10  cards
What is rum distilled from,
What region did rum originate in,
What are the four major styles of...
23  cards
Tequila, Mezcal, & Other Mexican Spirits
What states are authorized for th...,
What is the sole agave authorized...,
What is mixto tequila
18  cards
Liqueurs, Cordials, & Amaro
What is the country of origin of ...,
What is the country of origin of ...,
What is the country of origin of ...
102  cards
Cocktail Compendium
What are the ingredients of a 4th...,
What are the ingredients of a abb...,
What are the ingredients of a abs...
115  cards
What does sake mean,
What is the japanese term for wha...,
What is futsuu shu sake
9  cards
Describe the malting step of beer...,
What is the role of amylase enzym...,
Describe the mashing step of beer...
6  cards
Where is sidra de asturias do loc...,
What are the carbonation and min ...,
Where is the contentin aoc
22  cards
Iconic French Producers
Excluding Bordeaux
46  cards
Iconic Italian Producers
0  cards
Iconic American Producers
0  cards
Iconic International Producers
Name 4 iconic producers of argentina,
In what region of argentina is bo...,
What bordeaux estate owns and con...
3  cards
Vintages - Major French Regions
Rate the following vintage 1 5 an...,
Rate the following vintage 1 5 an...,
Rate the following vintage 1 5 an...
21  cards
Alsace & Lorraine COPY
What mountain range forms the wes...,
What climatic effect do the vosge...,
What are the two departements of ...
48  cards

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