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Risk Management
A lack of ______ occur in 79 of m...,
The most common precipitating fac...,
3 lessons learned from closed cla...
28  cards
Cardiac Assessment
Nearly __ of 2 adults have hypert...,
Chronic increase in bp leads to _...,
Hypertension has a greater impact...
90  cards
Cardiac Assessment Part 2
What valve issue may be asymptoma...,
Hr where ischemia occurs,
T f lbbb is always indicative of ...
141  cards
Pulmonary Assessment
What type of breathing shallow an...,
What type of breathing slow and d...,
Febrile abx cough productive thes...
90  cards
Pulmonary Assessment (Diagnostic Testing)
Cxr hyperinflation and increased ...,
Lung markings ______ prominent in...,
No role for _______ testing to es...
51  cards
Pulmonary Assessment (ABG/CXR)
Most o2 in the blood is bound to ...,
Mild hypoxemia pao2 ___ ___ mmhg,
Moderate hypoxemia pao2 ___ ___ mmhg
57  cards
Endocrine & Metabolic Disorders
An autoimmune disorder previously...,
Is polygenic and influenced by th...,
May develop during pregnancy and ...
15  cards
Electrolytes: Fluids
Hypokalemia k ____ symptomatic of...,
Hypokalemia causes,
Hypo k redistribution of k from e...
130  cards
What part of nephron regulates th...,
What 3 things can stimulate renin...,
Cheif mineralocorticoid
79  cards
Portal triad,
Zone 1 of liver receives o2 _____...,
Zone 3 of liver recieves o2 _____...
74  cards
Name some factors agents that dec...,
Name some factors agents that inc...,
What cns innervate the les
46  cards
Putting It All Together
T f preop assessment must be done...,
What 2 interviewing techniques ar...,
Name some goals of preop assessment
32  cards

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