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Introduction week 1
Define algorithm,
Define data structures,
Examples of types of data strcutres
14  cards
Java Generics
Why use java generics,
Between what symbols should the t...,
What is a primitive type in java
9  cards
Doubly Linked Lists
There are 3 attributes of a dll n...,
If there is only one element in t...,
What does the first node head of ...
12  cards
Scientific Method of Evaluating Running Times
How is running time measured in t...,
How to do experimental approach,
The experimental process should p...
5  cards
Introduction to Evaluation of Algorithms
Which is more efficient for searc...,
Best case scenario loop iteration...,
Worst case scenario loop iteratio...
9  cards
Mathematical Approach to Measuring Running Times
Is the cost of basic operations l...,
Formula for total running time,
Example of sum for a precise runn...
8  cards
Order of Growth and Asymptotic Notation
What are the most commonly encoun...,
What does a linear logarithmic fu...,
What are the best orders of growt...
29  cards
Abstract Data Types
What is a data type,
What is an abstract data type,
What does api stand for
5  cards
Stacks and Queues
Does a stack operate by lifo or fifo,
Does a queue operate by lifo or fifo,
Sample of api for stacks
25  cards
Binary Tree
What is a binary tree,
How to get the height of a tree w...,
What is binary heap
28  cards
Binary Heap
What is a binary heap,
What is a property of heap order,
What number do the indices start ...
21  cards
Symbol Table
What is the pair of things that a...,
Why can keys not be allowed to be...,
Should keys be changed once they ...
18  cards
Binary Search Tree (1)
What is a binary search tree,
What does the symmetric order pro...,
What is a leaf of a tree
59  cards
Recursion and Iteration
What is the call stack,
What does each call stack frame c...,
Where are objects stored in memory
16  cards
Binary Search Tree 2-3 Trees
What are the,
For the three children of a three...,
Are 2 3 trees always complete
15  cards
Binary Search Trees - Red Black Trees
Key properties of red black bsts,
What colour is the root node always,
Can a red node have a red child
19  cards
A bad example of a way to hash ph...,
A good example of a way to hash p...,
What does the hashcode method return
46  cards
Sorting Algorithms
What are the different design app...,
Examples of brute force sorting a...,
When are the brute force sorting ...
87  cards
Examples of brute sorting algorithms,
Examples of decrease and conquer ...,
Which graphing algorithm can deal...
40  cards

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