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How many cervical vertebrae do ma...,
How many cervical vertebrae do av...,
How many thoracic vertebrae do do...
98  cards
0  cards
Muscles of the Forelimb
0  cards
Muscles of the Hindlimb
0  cards
0  cards
Passive Stay
0  cards
Brain and Meninges
0  cards
Skull, Foramina, Cranial Nerves
0  cards
Brachial and Lumbosacral Plexi
0  cards
Spinal Cord
What protects the spinal cord,
List the meninges from outer to i...,
What is the delicate layer with s...
49  cards
Upper Respiratory Tract
0  cards
Larynx and Pharynx
0  cards
Thorax, Trachea, Axial Muscles
0  cards
Autonomic Nervous System
Can the ans break into the conscious,
The ans operates,
What are other names for the ans
13  cards
Heart and Embryology
What 2 pleura surround the heart,
List the 5 layers that are passed...,
In which species does the left co...
38  cards
Peripheral Vasculature (Forelimb)
1  cards
Peripheral Vasculature (Hindlimb)
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Abdominal Aorta
What change happens in ruminant a...,
What vein gathers the blood that ...,
What 4 arteries from the abdomina...
16  cards
Superficial Head, Salivary Gland, Muscles
Which animals have a facial lymph...,
Where is the parotid lymph node l...,
The lateral retropharyngeal lymph...
48  cards
Deep Head (Teeth, Tongue, TMJ)
What cn is the rostral 2 3rds of ...,
Cn responsible for sensory innerv...,
What nerve provides innervation t...
75  cards
Abdominal Wall and Stomach
Which abdominal muscle does not i...,
Name the layers of the abdominal ...,
In which muscle s aponeurosis can...
14  cards
Liver, Spleen, Pancreas
What is the most cranial organ in...,
What is the largest gland in the ...,
The liver s main product is
64  cards
Canine GI Tract, Blood Supply and ANS2
0  cards
Ruminant GI Tract
Approximately how much space in t...,
What is the difference between a ...,
What is the function of the esoph...
57  cards
Equine GI Tract
What two structures are specializ...,
How many ribs does the horse have...,
What is the consequence of horses...
40  cards
Avian GI Tract
Do birds have a diaphragm,
Name the 2 mesenteries in avian s...,
What is the crop
20  cards
Porcine GI Tract
What unique structure is present ...,
Name the thickened muscle notable...,
What is the name of the ascending...
12  cards
Renal System
Are kidneys paired,
What do ureters do,
What does the bladder do
23  cards
0  cards
Mammary Gland
0  cards
Intro to Repro
0  cards
Testes and Scrotum
T f the testis epididymis epididy...,
Where do seminiferous tubules ter...,
Describe the function of the meso...
48  cards
Penis and Accessory Sex Glands
0  cards
Gonadal Development
The embryo goes through 3 attempt...,
Is pronephros the first attempt t...,
Is mesonephros the second attempt...
53  cards
Fetal Membranes & Placenta
0  cards
Eye and Ear
Which embryonic layer forms the s...,
What 3 things make up the whole eye,
What occurs during eye formation ...
101  cards
Basic Fish Anatomy
What does fusiform external anato...,
What does globiform external anat...,
What does depressiform external a...
38  cards
Rabbits & Lab Animals
Describe the integument in rodents,
What is special about integument ...,
Describe the tails of mice and rats
99  cards
0  cards
Ovary & Uterine Adnexia
What is the order of follicles fr...,
When do primordial follicles star...,
T or f when an animal is born it ...
59  cards

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