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3 points of cyrus upbringing,
Ways to describe cyrus character,
Conquest of lydia in a nutshell
9  cards
How is cambyses presented as a ma...,
Why did cambyses invade egypt,
Why did cambyses marry his sister
6  cards
How was darius able to claim the ...,
How did darius organise the empire,
What did darius build
7  cards
How did darius come to be king,
Why would xerxes invade greece,
Why shouldn t darius invade greece
8  cards
Alex info
What is the order of which the ma...,
Who killed phillip,
Who fought at the battle of granicus
17  cards
Alex writers
Positives of plutarch s writing,
Positives of plutarch s writing,
What did plutarch think of alex
9  cards
Alex Qoutes
Arrian qoute about horses,
Plutarch qoute about horses,
Plutarch qoute about alexanders d...
23  cards
Name the 3 places aeneas is said ...,
When landing in italy which king ...,
How was peace settled between bot...
12  cards
Rome Vocab
Rule of decree,
12  cards
Comparison of all king
Top 3,
Top 3 things did,
Top 3 things did
7  cards
Rape of sabine woman 6 marker,
How did romulus become king first...,
How did romulus become king secon...
6  cards
What religious aspects did he bring,
How did he show excellent diploacy,
How did numa become king not 6 ma...
3  cards
Tullus Hosilius
How did th become king,
What was the story of the three a...,
How is
3  cards
What are some military aspects an...,
What are some military aspects an...,
What are some military aspects an...
5  cards
Tarquinius Priscus
What political changed did tarqui...,
What political changed did tarqui...,
What social changed did tarquiniu...
4  cards
Servius Tullius
Flame head story of servius tulli...,
Flame head story of servius tulli...,
Flame head story of servius tulli...
3  cards
How did superbus become king
1  cards
Conflict of orders
What are the conflict of orders,
What war militarised the plebians,
Who and what are the plebian trib...
13  cards
R*** Of Lucretia
What is the story of the rape of ...,
Who raped lucretia,
What does brutus mean
3  cards
The Tarquin Conspiracy
Why did collantinus step down,
What s the story of the tarquin c...
2  cards
War of independence
Who was valeruis publicola,
Who was the consukl after brutus ...,
What did valerius do for the pleb...
5  cards
Conflict of orders
Publius servius,
Appius claudias,
Dictator valerius
15  cards
Story of war Veteran
What are the causes of the war ve...,
What are the events of the war ve...,
What are the consequences of the ...
3  cards
Why the tribunes failed to improve lives
How did coriolanus lead to the fa...,
Spurius cassius and the demand fo...,
Role of volero publius
5  cards
Hannibal quotes
Hannibal character polybius 315,
Hannibal hatred towards rome poly...,
Roman decide war polybius 333
9  cards
Hamilcar and why he started the second war
What does hamilcar do after 1st p...
2  cards
Writers of Hannibal
Why was polybius good,
Why was polybius bad,
Why was livy good
4  cards
Other causes of Second Punic war
What did rome weaken carthage in ...,
What was the impact of the treaty...,
Why did the truecless wars happen
4  cards
Hannibal alps expedition
What happened at the foot of the ...,
What happened with the local trib...,
What happened with the local trib...
12  cards
Hannibal main 4 battles
Who was the consul at the battle of,
Who was the consul at the battle of,
Who was the consul at the battle of
12  cards
Hannibal vs consuls
What was the character of publius...,
What were publius cornelius scipi...,
What was the outcome for publius ...
27  cards

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