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Unit 1
In what year was mardonius expedi...,
Who was mardonius
239  cards
Greek period study sources summary
Andokides on the peace of epilycu...,
Aristophanes acharnians on pericles,
Aristophanes acharnians 425 on
133  cards
The Culture and Politics of Athens c.460-399BC
What percentage of the adult male...,
Who introduced the council of 500,
In what year did ephialtes introd...
181  cards
Greek depth study sources summary
When was aristotle s athenian con...,
Aristotle ac on how the delian le...,
Aristotle ac on why pericles devi...
63  cards
Ruling Roman Britain AD43 - c. 128
Who was british governor from 43 ...,
Who was british governor from 51 ...,
Who was british governor in 57ad
4  cards
The Julio-Claudian Emperors 31BC - AD68 - Augustus
When was the battle of actium,
What city did octavian found near...,
What did octavian dedicate as a v...
89  cards
Emperors - Tiberius
When did tiberius reign,
How does tacitus generally portra...,
How does dio cassius portray tibe...
42  cards
Emperors - Gaius
Gaius timespan,
So much for gaius the emperor the...,
How did gaius work to strengthen ...
31  cards
Emperors - Claudius
Claudius reign,
An extraordinary accident,
Claudius relation with gaius
48  cards
Emperors - Nero
Nero reign,
Quinquennium aureum,
Sources that nero deified claudius
54  cards
Roman military policy towards Britain: conquest and expansion
Caesar s first and second invasions,
Main enemy of caesar in 54bc,
Evidence of cunobelinus outside t...
64  cards
Frontier policy: consolidation and retrenchment AD 85-c.128
Where and when was the inchtuthil...,
Who refers to britain conquered t...,
Suetonius on domitian s reason to...
46  cards
Resistance to Roman rule
What do the sources tend to focus...,
Conquered without any loss,
Even though togodumnus had perish...
33  cards
Roman control
Significance of the inscription f...,
Both of them fine soldiers,
Suetonius paulinus enjoyed two ye...
38  cards
effects of Roman rule
Aim of romanisation,
What does the mendip lead pig show,
Where was the mendip pig found
29  cards

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