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Basic Drugs
What is the concentration and dos...,
What is the concentration and dos...,
What is the concentration and dos...
60  cards
Describe the 2 phases in the plas...,
How does protein binding relate t...,
Which drugs bind to albumin
30  cards
What is anxiety,
What is the onset of midazolam,
What are the symptoms of anxiety
45  cards
PBL I: Subarachnoid Hemorrhage
Where do cerebral aneurysms usual...,
What are symptoms of cerebral ane...,
Should you defer to vancomycin be...
54  cards
Induction Agents
What is the ph of thiopental is i...,
How long is thiopental good for i...,
What are carbon 2 derivitives of ...
89  cards
What is the onset of midadolam,
What is the duration of midazolam,
What is the onset of lorazepam
45  cards
Volatile Anesthetics
The depth of general anesthesia d...,
What is the path an inhalational ...,
What is relative affinity of an a...
94  cards
Opioids and Opioid Antangonists
What is a natural opioid and give...,
What is a synthetic opioid and gi...,
What is a semisynthetic opioid an...
83  cards
Local Anesthetics
What is the mechanism of local an...,
Local anesthetics bind na channel...,
How do local anesthetics affect r...
68  cards
NMB: Part 1
What are the uses of nmb,
In terms of ed95 how much nmb sho...,
How do volatile anesthetics affec...
65  cards
NMB: Part 2 - Reversal
What are the clinical uses of ant...,
What is the mechanism of action o...,
What are the three classification...
49  cards
What are methods in surgical tech...,
What patient conditions may lead ...,
What are perioperative factors th...
94  cards
Histamine, Serotonin, Antacids...
Does histamine cross the blood br...,
What are the effects of histamine...,
What are the effects of histamine...
54  cards
What type drug is azathioprine an...,
What type of drug is piperacillin...,
How often do pts with penicillin ...
23  cards
NSAIDS and COX inhibitors
What is cox,
Where is cox 1 located and what a...,
What is the function of cox 2
24  cards
PBL III: Splenectomy
Is lispro fast or slow acting ins...,
What is the onset peak and inacti...,
What are the protocol for iv infu...
19  cards
Which type of drug should you giv...,
What are the effects of inotropes,
What are the effects of vasopressors
36  cards
Alpha and Beta Receptor Antagonist
Blocking alpha 2 receptor will ha...,
List the effect of beta 2 agonist...,
What are the effects of alpha 1 a...
51  cards
What do calcium channel blockers do,
What are the pharmacologic effect...,
What are clinical effects of calc...
69  cards
How are diuretics classified,
What are the types of diuretics,
What is the mechanism of action a...
28  cards
How does heparin work,
Which factors does at iii inhibit,
What kind of chemical compound is...
72  cards
Antidysrhythmics I
Explain enhanced automaticity and...,
Explain reentry,
When should arrhythmias be treated
8  cards
What are the 2 major mechanism,
What is automaticity,
The discharge rate of normal or a...
90  cards
Insulin and Oral Hypoglycemics
Where is insulin made in what for...,
Insulin leads to increased synthe...,
Insulin decreases glucose phospho...
49  cards
key terms final
What do you use for antimicrobial...,
How do volatile anesthetics affec...,
What is the clinical use of phent...
73  cards

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