animal course physiology exam

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1. Organisation of the Body
1 which of the listed terms is de...,
2 which major organ lies deep to ...,
S1 name and describe the location...
45  cards
2.1 Cells and Tissues
1 which structure within the cell...,
2 which of the following is not a...,
3 which list below contains the f...
113  cards
2.2 Cell Cycle (Mitosis and Protein Synthesis)
1 the term chromatin would be use...,
2 in protein synthesis where does...,
3 if the dna strand sequence of b...
23  cards
3. Measurement, Errors, Data and Unit Conversion
1 say that someone s body tempera...,
2 what can be correctly said of d...,
3 if someone s height is measured...
47  cards
4.1 Atoms and Molecules
1 the chemical formula c6h12o6 co...,
2 which of the particles listed b...,
3 the chemical symbol for sodium ...
54  cards
4.2 Solutions
1 which item from the following l...,
2 given that 1 mol of na cl has a...,
3 how many grams of sodium chlori...
48  cards
4.3 Diffusion and Osmosis
1 consider two aqueous solutions ...,
2 osmosis may be defined as which...,
3 what is the movement of water m...
79  cards
4.5 Acids, Bases and Buffers
1 which of the following statemen...,
2 which statement about buffers b...,
3 which of the following statemen...
69  cards
4.6 Organic Chemistry and Macromolecules
1 denaturation of proteins involv...,
2 one of the following is not a f...,
3 amino acids are the building bl...
41  cards
5. Integument
1 which statement below is correc...,
2 where are sebaceous glands foun...,
3 when a medicine is delivered vi...
66  cards
6. Homeostasis
1 choose one answer below that co...,
2 the hypothalamus and core therm...,
3 the human body s ability to mai...
36  cards
7. Skeleton and Joints
1 which of the following is not a...,
2 which of the following is a fun...,
3 in which of the following bone ...
101  cards
8. Muscles
1 which muscle naming criteria ar...,
2 by what name is the plasma memb...,
3 of the events that lead to myof...
104  cards
9. Gastrointestinal System
1 which of the following statemen...,
2 one of the following processes ...,
3 which type of cell produces hyd...
147  cards
10. Endocrine Sytem
1 which statement below about hor...,
2 which hormones are soluble in b...,
3 which statement about the hypot...
34  cards

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