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Exam 1: Ch 1
Animal physiology,
What does an animal physiologist ...,
Animal physiology is above all an...
46  cards
Exam 1: Ch 4 Book
Fluid mosaic membrane,
Plasma membrane,
Integral proteins
94  cards
Exam 1: Ch 4 Notes
If you change size you change,
Organisms of different sizes face...,
Diffusion only works for some sizes
55  cards
Exam 2: Ch 5 Book Background Info
What is a neuron,
Most neurons are ____ excitable,
What does being electrically exci...
77  cards
Exam 2: Ch 5 Notes
What is a neuron,
How does the nervous system work,
Is shape morphology important
59  cards
Exam 1: Homeworks
After pythons eat a meal their or...,
Python blood after a meal,
Usually the influx of cholesterol...
18  cards
Exam 2: Ch 5 Book Electrical Properties & Equations
The plasma membrane is impermeabl...,
Two conductors separated by an in...,
Amount of electrical charge store...
18  cards
Exam 2: Ch 6 Notes
Graded potential,
How to improve loss of current,
Current decay w distance
94  cards
Exam 2: Ch 7 Notes
Specialized sensory cells have,
Sensory neurons detect stimuli an...,
Invertebrates have cell bodies in...
4  cards
Exam 2: Ch 5 Nernst and Goldman
Nernst equation states that the e...,
Nernst equation,
Reduced nernst equation at 18 cel...
9  cards
Exam 2: Ch5 Book Since Exam 1
Every cell that is in a nonexcite...,
2 factors govern resting potential,
Ions influence the ________ acros...
67  cards
Exam 2: Ch 6 Book
2 ways signals move from point to...,
Receptor potential,
Decremental transmission
107  cards
Exam 2: Ch 7 Book
Sensory input is gathered constan...,
Interoreceptive receptors
15  cards
Exam 3: Ch 7 Notes
Specialized sensory cells have di...,
The different modalities have spe...,
Sensory neurons detect ______ and...
75  cards
Exam 3: Ch 13 Notes
Gas exchange challenges,
Does an amoeba need gills,
Atmosphere makeup
114  cards
Ch 7. Part 1 (Book)
______ organs provide the only ch...,
What 2 main places is sensory inp...,
Sensory reception begins in _____...
67  cards
Ch. 7 Taste, Smell, Mechano (Book)
Chemoreceptors are specialized fo...,
Airborne molecules first pass thr...,
Sensilla sensillum
62  cards
Ch. 7 Thermo and Vision
Thermoreceptors in facial pits of...,
Two types of thermoreceptors in t...
34  cards
Ch. 13 Part 1 (Book)
There is a lot of free o2 in the ...,
2 ways o2 is transferred btw atmo...,
Does the solubility of o2 in wate...
34  cards
Ch 13. Gas Transfer in Air (Lungs and Other)
2 things a gas transfer system is...,
Why is there such a big differenc...,
Major difference btw lungs and gills
45  cards
Ch. 13 Regulation of Gas Transfer
The rate of blood perfusion of th...,
The amount of o2 delivered to the...,
The ventilation to perfusion rati...
72  cards
Ch 14. Final Part 1 (Book)
How was the ability to survive va...,
What are the 2 environmental fact...,
A major requirement for cell surv...
59  cards
Ch 14. Final Osmoregulatory Organs (Book)
Apical surface of an epithelial cell,
Basal surface,
Na k atpase
79  cards
Ch. 14 Non-Mammalian Kidneys/Other Osmoregulatory Organs
Marine hagfish kidneys,
Kidneys of freshwater teleosts wh...,
Kidneys of marine teleosts whose ...
69  cards
Final: mole rats, diabetes, vampire bats, stroke
Vampire bats experience what afte...,
In the bat cave the bat does what...,
How does adh work
26  cards
Final Notes
2 big challenges,
Are marine inverts conformers or ...,
Sharks use what osmolytes
8  cards

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