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Section 1 -Patricles and radiation
0  cards
Chapter 1 - Matter and radiation
Describe model of an atom,
What is the charge of a proton,
What is the charge of an electron
56  cards
Chapter 2 - Quarks and Leptons
How are cosmic rays a source of h...,
How can cosmic ray showers be det...,
What 2 classifications are partic...
39  cards
Chapter 3 - Quantum phenomena
Briefly describe the photoelectri...,
What are the conclusions made fro...,
What does the photoelectric effec...
33  cards
Section 2 - Waves and optics
0  cards
Chapter 4 - Waves
What are waves,
What are progressive waves,
What 3 things can happen to waves
41  cards
Chapter 5 - Optics
What is refraction,
What is the normal,
What happens to a ray of light at...
38  cards
Section 3 - Mechanics and materials
0  cards
Chapter 6 - Forces in equilibrium
What is the difference between a ...,
Give examples of a vector,
Give examples of scalars
25  cards
Chapter 7 - Newton’s laws of motion
State newton s first law of motion,
State newton s 2nd law of motion,
A vehicle of mass 600kg accelerat...
18  cards
Chapter 8 - On the move
What does the gradient of a displ...,
What does a curved line on a disp...,
What is uniform acceleration
19  cards
Chapter 9 - Force and momentum
Define momentum and give it s units,
Define conservation of momentum,
Write an equation linking force t...
19  cards
Chapter 10 - Work, energy and power
Give examples of energy stores,
Give ways energy can be transferr...,
Define the principle of conservat...
15  cards
Chapter 11 - Materials
What is the definition of the den...,
What is the equation for density ...,
How could you measure the density...
34  cards
Section 4 - Electricity
0  cards
Chapter 12 - Electric current
What is the electric current give...,
What is an insulator,
What is a conductor
28  cards
Chapter 13 - DC circuits
What is conservation of charge,
What is kirchoff s first law,
What are the 2 current rules for ...
18  cards
Section 6 - Further mechanics and thermal physics
0  cards
Chapter 17 - Motion in a circle
An object rotating at a steady ra...,
What is the equation for velocity...,
What is the angular displacement
12  cards
Chapter 18 - Simple harmonic motion
What kind of motion will a pendul...,
Give some other examples of simpl...,
What is equilibrium
56  cards
Chapter 19 - Thermal physics
Energy transfer takes place betwe...,
What is the internal energy,
What is the first law of thermody...
14  cards
Chapter 20 - Gases
What does boyle s law state,
Why would you have to wait a few ...,
What does charles law state
28  cards
Section 7 - Fields
0  cards
Chapter 21 - Gravitational fields
What is a force field,
What is a gravitational field,
What is a gravitational field line
37  cards
Chapter 22 - Electric fields
Where does an electric field act,
What do electrical conductors,
What are free electrons
46  cards
Chapter 23 - Capacitors
What is a capacitor,
How does a capacitor work,
Draw the symbol for a capacitor
39  cards
Chapter 24 - Magnetic fields
What is a magnetic field,
Where is a magnetic field strongest,
What is a line of force of a magn...
26  cards
Chapter 25 - Electromagnetic induction
What happens when a conductor is ...,
What happens when a conductor wit...,
How can an induced emf be increased
48  cards
Section 8 - Nuclear physics
0  cards
Chapter 26 - Radioactivity
What are the 3 types of radiation,
Draw and briefly describe rutherf...,
What were the results of rutherfo...
79  cards
Chapter 27 - Nuclear energy
What happens to the mass of an ob...,
What is the energy of a photon pr...,
An unstable nucleus that releases...
54  cards

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