aqa a-level physics

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Particles 1
How big is a nucleus,
How big is an atom,
Define a nucleon
81  cards
Electricity 1
Define current,
Which way does conventional curre...,
How should an ammeter be connected
23  cards
How do you calculate absolute unc...,
How do calculate percent uncertainty,
Define hooke s law
23  cards
Waves 1
Define a longitudinal wave,
Give two examples of longitudinal...,
Define a transverse waves
31  cards
Waves 2
Define refraction,
When a wave is refracted what els...,
What do wavefronts join
41  cards
Thermal 1
Define specific heat capacity,
Define internal energy,
What is the first law of thermody...
9  cards
Practical Skills (Measurements and Errors)
What are the si prefixes and thei...,
What are the si prefixes and thei...,
What are the six base units you n...
19  cards
Electricity 2
Explain why adding an extra resis...,
Explain why adding an extra resis...,
Prove the resistance rule for series
20  cards
Particles 2
Describe the photoelectric effect,
What does the photoelectric effec...,
Why does the photoelectric effect...
26  cards
Further Mechanics 1
Define the centripetal force,
How do you know there is a result...,
How can you ensure you measure ti...
6  cards
Mechanics 1
What is the difference between a ...,
Give 3 examples of a vector,
Give 3 examples of a scalar
14  cards
Mechanics 2
When may suvat be used,
What is newton s first law of motion,
What is meant by uniform motion
14  cards
Further Mechanics 2
Define simple harmonic motion,
Define a free vibration,
When is there maximum velocity fo...
16  cards
Thermal 2
What is boyle s law,
What is the pressure law,
What is charles law
31  cards
Define capacitance,
What is the time constant,
What does the area underneath a v...
15  cards
Nuclear 2
What type of nuclei undergo alpha...,
What type of nuclei undergo beta ...,
What type of nuclei undergo beta ...
30  cards
Gravitational Fields
What does newton s law of gravita...,
Define a force field,
What type of quantity is a force ...
19  cards
Nuclear 1
What 3 observations were there fr...,
What does the fact that the vast ...,
What does the the fact a few alph...
29  cards
Electric Fields
Define electric field strength,
What do arrows in an electric fie...,
Define electric potential
5  cards
Magnetic Fields
Which fingers represent which qua...,
What symbol represents flux or cu...,
What symbol represents flux or cu...
28  cards
Define angular speed,
Define angular acceleration,
What is the equation for the mome...
49  cards

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