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Army History
Who was mary e walker,
What date was the army flag dedic...,
What is the oldest part of our army
30  cards
Army Programs
What does asap stand for,
What is the mission of asap,
What are the objectives of asap
20  cards
Customs and Courtesies
When meeting an officer outdoors ...,
What army regulation covers salut...,
Salutes are not required to be re...
28  cards
Drill And Ceremony
What are the three marching steps...,
What fm covers drill ceremony,
What is a review
35  cards
Military Justice
What ar covers ucmj,
Does a person have to accept a ucmj,
What kind of extra duty is an nco...
32  cards
Supply and Economy
What ar covers supply economy,
Who is responsible for supply eco...,
What is a report survey
32  cards
Max range for m16a2,
Max area range for m16a2,
Max point range for m16a2
50  cards
What regulation covers army uniforms,
What does ar 670 1 cover,
Para 1 1 what does a soldier s ap...
79  cards
Chain of Command
0  cards
Code of Conduct
What is the publication for code ...,
What does 350 30 cover,
What does sere stand for
14  cards
First Aid
What is the publication for first...,
What does the acronym tccc stand for,
How many phases are there for tccc
78  cards
NCOER And Counseling
What does ar 623 3 cover,
What publication covers evaluatio...,
What does ar 623 3 cover
80  cards
What does adp 6 22 cover,
What is an army leader,
What is leadership
27  cards
Physical Training
What does fm 7 22 cover,
What does prt prepare soldiers an...,
What is physical readiness
30  cards

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