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Weight Control
Weight Control
23  cards
33  cards
NCO Duties, Responsibilities and Authority
NCO Duties, Resposibilities, and Authority
27  cards
Guard Duty
What are the three general orders,
What two types of orders can a gu...,
What are you normally responsible...
27  cards
NCOER's & ER's
What army regulation prescribes t...,
What da pamphlet prescribes the p...,
What does the evaluation reportin...
32  cards
Custom and Courtesies
What army regulation covers salut...,
Salutes are not required to be re...,
When do you salute inside a building
35  cards
NCO Creed
Recite the first paragraph of the...,
Recite the second paragraph of th...,
Recite the third paragraph of the...
3  cards
What is the fm concerning the m16...,
What is the first thing you shoul...,
Name the five phases in basic rif...
35  cards
Army Programs v2
What does asap stand for,
What is the mission of asap,
What are the objectives of asap
73  cards
1ID Song and History
Recite the 1st id song,
What was 1 id first to do,
When did 1st id begin and lead by...
8  cards
What adp adrp covers the army,
In which domains do us forces ope...,
As a unique military profession t...
10  cards
What adp adrp covers unified land...,
What is the description of unifie...,
What are the operational variables
12  cards
What adp adrp covers sustainment,
What is the sustainment warfighti...,
What is logistics
10  cards
What adp adrp covers the operatio...,
What is the army s framework for ...,
What are the major mission comman...
9  cards
What adp adrp covers mission command,
What is the army s operational co...,
How are unified land operations a...
11  cards
ADP/ADRP 6-22.
What adp adrp covers army leadership,
What is leadership,
What is an army leader
11  cards
Army Reg's, FM's, and ADP's
First aid,
Operations process
15  cards
Army Sponsorship Program
Should there be a sponsorship pro...,
What army regulation covers the t...,
What is s gate
7  cards
ADP 7-0 / ADRP 7-0 - Training Units and Developing Leaders
What adp adrp covers training uni...,
Who is responsible for training u...,
Where does training begin
10  cards
Troop Leading Procedures
What adp adrp covers troop leadin...,
What are the troop leading proced...,
What are troop leading procedures
3  cards
Chain of Command/ NCO Support Channel
When was the nco support channel ...,
What is sergeant s business,
What is a sergeant
15  cards
Code of Conduct
When was the code of conduct esta...,
What army regulation covers the c...,
If you were to become a prisoner ...
14  cards
First Aid
What is self aid,
Name some items that you might us...,
What is the quickest way to splin...
72  cards
What does soi stand for,
What does the soi provide,
What field manual covers tactical...
37  cards

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