as and a-level psychology (wjec)

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Positive Approach
What was martin seligmans motivat...,
What are the assumptions of the p...,
Describe the pleasant life
24  cards
Name three ways in which biology ...,
Describe in one sentence the theo...,
Describe sexual selection in one ...
33  cards
Cognitive approach
What does cognition mean,
What are the three main assumptio...,
Name five internal processes
25  cards
Psychodynamic approach
Briefly what is the psychodynamic...,
How does the psychodynamic approa...,
Where do psychodynamic therapists...
25  cards
Behaviourist approach
Behaviourism sought a scientific ...,
What is classical conditioning an...,
What is operant conditioning
16  cards
CONTEMP DEBATE: Eye witness testimony
How do you cognitive psychologist...,
How may trauma affect memory,
What techniques can be used to im...
6  cards
CONTEMP DEBATE Watson and Raynor
What was the aim of watsons and r...,
What were rayners and watsons met...,
What were the findings of watson ...
7  cards
CONTEMP DEBATE Myers and Diener (1995) on happiness
What was the aim of myers and die...,
What were the procedures in myers...,
What were the findings of myers a...
6  cards
What was the research of loftus a...,
What is a leading question,
What was the aim of loftus and pa...
9  cards
What is psychosurgery,
What is leucotomy,
What psychological disorder is le...
12  cards
CONTEMP DEBATE: Raines research on criminals
What does neuroscience offer rese...,
Name two methods of examining the...,
What is neuromarketing
10  cards
CONTEMP DEBATE: Maternal deprivation Bowlby etc
What is the name of bowlbys hypot...,
What was the aim of john bowlbys ...,
What are bowlbys methods in his 1...
23  cards
CONTEMP DEBATE: relevance of positive psyc today
In positive psychology how do res...,
For a quality based friendship wh...,
According to positive psychology ...
5  cards
Age of witness,
Aim of a research project
166  cards
Aim of a research project,
How is data arranged on a bar chart,
What is a behavioural category
87  cards
Age of witness,
Aim of a research project
200  cards
What is actus reus,
What is mens rea
2  cards

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