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Arithmetic Reasoning
John bough a camera on sale that ...,
A subway car passes 3 stations ev...,
On a certain map 3 4 inch represe...
30  cards
Common prefixes and meanings to help increase vocabulary for the Word Knowledge section of the ASVAB test
66  cards
To help increase vocabulary in preparation for the Word Knowledge portion of the ASVAB test
52  cards
Word Roots
This is a list of mostly Greek or Latin word roots that could be used to increase your vocabulary in preparation for the Word Knowledge section of the ASVAB
191  cards
General Science
____ are animals that eat other o...,
Each row of the periodic table is...,
Gametes are called ____ because t...
226  cards
Mechanical Comprehension
_____ can be defined as the capac...,
The basic unit of work is the ___...,
Identify the common name for this...
94  cards
Electronics Information
A n _____ is a subatomic particle...,
A neutral atom has the same numbe...,
Electrons orbit an atom in a set ...
80  cards
Automotive and Shop Information
What are the three most common cy...,
What are two likely causes of pre...,
What are the two advantages of a ...
154  cards
Word Knowledge
Noble most nearly meansa comelyb ...,
John initially disagreed with meg...,
Goad most nearly meansa listenb p...
35  cards
Paragraph Comprehension
The first detective stories writt...,
Children have an amazing talent f...,
The first truly american art move...
15  cards
Mathematics Knowledge
If 48 is divided by 008 the resul...,
If the number 9 899 399 is increa...,
The cube of 9 isa 27b 81c 243d 729
24  cards

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