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Learn Smart med/surg GI
P w severe gerd to undergo an eso...,
P with bowel obstruction dvlps se...
21  cards
Learn Smart med/surg Renal and Urinary
P is 5th postop day from a non re...,
P just had a transurethral resect...,
Caring for p w chronic renal fail...
21  cards
Targeted M-S Renal and Urinary
Id 6520857,
A newly licensed nurse and nurse ...,
D c teaching for ckd wotf ind p u...
30  cards
Targeted M-S GI
Id 6507272,
Ax ing p with crohns disease wotf...,
P w colorectal ca is receiving ch...
28  cards
Learn Smart Pharmacology 1
Teaching parents of a child w rx ...,
Rn caring for p receiving heparin...,
Rn should anticipate giving wotf ...
36  cards
Learn system Gerontology
Wotf is a physiologic change that...,
Ophthalmology clinic p referred f...,
Loss of peripheral vision occurs ...
29  cards
Learn system Leadership
Informed consent is based on the ...,
Wotf observations made by a rn sh...,
Rn is working with all lpns and a...
10  cards
Adult M-S RN Practice Axmt 2013 A
0  cards
RN Pharmacology practice 2013 B
Pilocarpine eye drops need for fu...,
Med hx for new rx for allopurinol...,
Functions of the parasympathetic ...
54  cards
RN Pharmacology practice 2013 A
0  cards
RN maternal-newborn online practice 2013 B
Caring for p rxd rh immune globul...,
Rn caring for nb immediately foll...,
Breastfeeding teaching wotf indic...
46  cards
Learn system Pediatrics 1 & 2
Caring for dehydrated toddler ord...,
Assessing a 9 mth old for develop...,
Ax ing 4 mth old infant wotf prom...
18  cards
Learn system Maternal NB 1 & 2
Post op care of cerclage p unders...,
P reports constipation and that s...,
Wotf hcp orders should the rn que...
10  cards
Bipolar p states i no longer take...,
A rn should recognize that mri pr...,
Spouse of chronic alcoholic p sta...
35  cards
Nclex final test tutorial
Planning activities for p w acute...,
Child w strabismus rn explains th...,
Teaching p undergoing laser assis...
25  cards
comprehensive 2013A
Infection control nurse determini...,
Wotf ps needs an interdisciplinar...
2  cards
Comprehensive 2013 B
Teaching on allowable foods for a...,
Child w dm type 1 has bs 55mg dl ...,
Hyperthyroidism expected finding ...
19  cards

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