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The Welding Inspector
Of the following which is conside...,
Of the following which is not con...,
What document describes the impor...
9  cards
Welding Inspector Responsibilities
When a particular type of weld is...,
A specification for a weld joint ...,
How can you identify an individua...
7  cards
A document that covers safety in ...,
Acetylene becomes unstable above ...,
The most important component of a...
3  cards
Standards, Including Codes and Specifications
Job quality requirements can be f...,
Of the following documents which ...,
That type of document that descri...
6  cards
Weld Geometry and Welding Terminology
Which of the following is not con...,
The type of joint formed when the...,
The portion of the joint where th...
18  cards
Welding and Nondestructive Examination Symbols
When a weld symbol is centered on...,
Dimensions appearing to the left ...,
Dimensions appearing to the right...
7  cards
Weldability, Welding Metallurgy, and Welding Chemistry
A problem occurring in weldments ...,
Rapid cooling of a steel from the...,
Very slow cooling of steel may re...
12  cards
Destructive Testing
Which property cannot be determin...,
The property that describes the a...,
The point at which a metals behav...
17  cards
Welding Procedure and Welder Qualification
Who is normally responsible for t...,
What is the pipe welding position...,
What is the necessary pipe positi...
3  cards
Welding, Brazing, and Cutting Processes
Which of the following are functi...,
Which of the following is not an ...,
Which of the follow is not consid...
16  cards
Weld and Base Metal Discontinuties
Of the following which is commonl...,
Porosity occurring in the form of...,
Which of the following discontinu...
9  cards
Nondestructive Examination Processes
Which of the following nde method...,
What nde method will most likely ...,
What device is used during radiog...
8  cards
Magnetic Particle Testing
Ferromagnetic material is a stron...,
The retentivity of a material des...,
Which of the following can be mag...
45  cards
Liquid Penetrant Testing
The penetrant application method ...,
When using a higher viscosity pen...,
The most popular sensitivity test...
40  cards
Ultrasonic Testing
In addition to other functions a ...,
The formula used to calculate the...,
In immersion testing the position...
68  cards

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