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Biocompatibility of materials for use in the body
Definition of a biomaterial,
Biomaterial application examples,
Biocompatibility definition
21  cards
Failure of Materials
What kind of environmental stress...,
Describe briefly the properties o...,
Describe the structure of enamel ...
54  cards
Polymers in Dentistry
Definition of a polymer,
Examples of polymers used in dent...,
When would the polymerisation pro...
33  cards
Examples of application of cerami...,
Definition of a ceramic,
Bonding that occurs in ceramics
59  cards
Polyalkenoate Cements
Polyalkenoate cements subsets,
Gics definition and general prope...,
Applications of gic
27  cards
Definition of composite restorati...,
Contraindications of dental compo...,
Dental resin composites definition
39  cards
Metals in Dentistry
Different types of materials used...,
Metallic bonding definition,
Cast v wrought
56  cards
Adhesion to Enamel and Dentine
Definition of adhesion,
Definition of adhesive,
Requirements of an adhesive to ma...
40  cards
Main types of materials used for ...,
Definition of amalgam,
Why mercury
39  cards
Impression Materials
Indirect restorations definition,
How are indirect restorations made,
How has cad cam changed the game ...
36  cards
Elastomeric Impression Materials
Classification of impression mate...,
Hydrocolloids definition,
States in which a hydrocolloid ca...
36  cards
Acrylic Materials
What is a denture base made of,
Process of making a denture,
Ideal requirements of denture bas...
22  cards
Direct restorative materials that...,
Intermediate restorative material...
27  cards

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