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Introduction to Radiology
What is the significance of von k...,
What are the considerations for x...,
How is the diagnostic yield benef...
53  cards
Intra-oral techniques and Paralleling
If the ideal projection geometry ...,
What is the ideal projection geom...,
What are problems in projection g...
54  cards
Radiation Safety Legislation
Why do we need regulations,
What is background radiation,
How much background radiation is ...
82  cards
Requesting Radiographs
What are the official personnel n...,
What are the principles of radiat...,
What are the general principles f...
27  cards
Occlusal Radiography & Bisecting Angle Technique
For occlusal radiography where is...,
What is the size of occlusal radi...,
What are the indications for obli...
33  cards
Panoramic Radiography
What is tomography,
Wha tis the image layer focal trough,
How are structures at other depth...
39  cards
Normal Radiographic Anatomy
What is required for examination,
What is the periodontal ligament ...,
What is the lamina dura
20  cards
Physics Basics
What are radiographs,
Why are there different shades in...,
Why are radiographs useful
50  cards
X-ray Production
How are x rays produced,
What is an electron,
What does an x ray tube head cons...
36  cards
X-ray interaction with matter
When interacting with matter what...,
What is attenuation,
What is the effect of photon abso...
29  cards
Biological Effects of Ionising Radiation
What can ionizing radiation be di...,
What are byproducts of radioactiv...,
What is the result of ionization
35  cards
Anatomy in facial views and CBCT images
What are the visual views of the ...,
What are the visual views using x...,
What are the views for cone beam ct
4  cards
Digital & Film Radiography
How do digital and film forms of ...,
What are the type of digital rece...,
What are the types of film receptors
81  cards
Extraoral views - Lateral Ceph
What are the principles of extra ...,
What are the reference lines and ...,
What is the orbito meatal line
28  cards
Radiographic Localisation
What is the need for radiographic...,
What are clinical situations wher...,
When we look at radiographs what ...
14  cards
Quality Assurance and Fault Analysis
What does quality assurance progr...,
When should digital image recepto...,
What are things to check on the d...
38  cards

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