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intro to radiology
Radiation dose vs diagnostic benefit,
Principles of radiation protection,
28  cards
What is the ideal projection geom...,
Projection geometry problems,
2 solutions to problems in projec...
28  cards
safety legislation
Why do we need radiation safety l...,
Starting point of radiation safet...,
Basic principles of icrp system o...
43  cards
physics basics
Use of radiographs,
Intraoral dental radiograph views
80  cards
X-ray production
4 things involved in the producti...,
Source of x rays eg,
Object being x rayed eg
33  cards
X-ray interaction with matter
Basic production of radiographic ...,
4 options for x ray photons trave...,
29  cards
Biological Effects of Ionising Radiation
Ionising radiation can be divided...,
By products of radioactive decay ...,
Alpha particles
109  cards
X rays and visible light,
Wavelength and frequency relation,
Energy and frequency relation
43  cards
Digital and Film forms of radiography
How do they differ mainly,
What one is more widely used now ...,
2 types of digital dental x ray r...
64  cards
Extra Oral Views - Lateral Cephalometric
Principles of extra oral radiography,
Reference lines and plans,
4 different maxillofacial views
38  cards
radiographic localisation
Need for radiographic localisation,
5 clinical situations for radiogr...,
3 stages of using radiograph as i...
24  cards
review 6 + 7
Collimation for lateral cephalograms,
Soft tissue collimation in latera...
30  cards
quality assurance and fault analysis
Purpose of quality assurance,
Quality assurance programme
76  cards
review 8-9
System for assessing radiographs,
Film and phosphor plate damage ap...,
Solid state sensor damage appearance
20  cards

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