behavioural finance and real estate

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Lecture 1 Introduction
Behavioural finance,
Real estate,
What are standard assumptions of ...
17  cards
Lecture 2 Judgmental Biases
What are the two kinds of error,
A bord with all points in the cen...,
What are three beliefs of the hom...
20  cards
Lecture 3 Judgmental Biases
Representativeness similarity heu...,
Bayes law,
Base rate neglect
20  cards
Lecture 4 Risk Preferences
What are the risk preferences of ...,
What is the conclusion of the pap...,
Diminishing marginal utility
20  cards
Lecture 5 Time Preferences
Intertemporal choice,
Dicounted utility,
What are the three time preferenc...
11  cards
Lecture 6 Biases in Real Estate Valuation
Money illusion,
Nominal loss aversion,
What is the natural reference poi...
8  cards
Lecture 7 Negotiation with applications to real estate
When do negotiations occur,
Backward induction,
Why would you reject given money
21  cards
Lecture 8 Mortgage Choices
What are the two choices for a mo...,
What are the two smp standard mor...,
How does the annuitized mortgage ...
25  cards
Lecture 9 Market Efficiency
What are the two standard assumpt...,
Efficient market,
Out of which two efficiencies exi...
22  cards
Lecture 10 Speculative Bubbles
Is the market inefficient,
What is the fundamental principle...,
What are three behavioral explana...
5  cards
Lecture 11 van der Ende
Offer option,
Repricing option,
Prepayment option
6  cards
Lecture 12 Steegmans & Van Vlodrop
What are the mechanisms of decrea...,
Why do households not want to mov...,
When are studies biased about hou...
14  cards

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behavioural finance and real estate

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