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cells/living processes
What is the function of the red b...,
What is the function of the root ...,
What is the function of the guard...
49  cards
differentiation + stemcells
What is cell differentiation,
How does cell differentiation tak...,
What is an adult stem cell
25  cards
What is the difference between pr...,
What is a plasmid in a bacteria cell,
Name the parts of a bacteria cell
62  cards
108  cards
biological molecules + Enzymes
What is the purpose of carbohydrates,
Which sugar is found in most proc...,
Name two monosaccharides
94  cards
movement of substances through cells
What does a high concentration gr...,
What is diffusion,
What are four factors that can af...
53  cards
digestive system + respiration
In which two part of the digestiv...,
In which part of the digestive sy...,
In which part of the digestive sy...
52  cards
Breathing, Gas Exchange, Cirrculatiry System
What is the difference between re...,
What is the diapragm made of,
What is the role of the cartilage...
103  cards
Excretion / Homeostasis /
Give four ways that water is remo...,
Give one difference between compo...,
Give three examples of things the...
43  cards
Coordination And Response
Explain why enzymes break down th...,
What is the role of the retina,
What are two roles of the sclera
148  cards
genetic modification
What is fermentation,
Word equation for fermentation,
Give three examples of microorgan...
134  cards
Plant Physiology
Explain what a de starched leaf is,
Give a criticism of the statement...,
How is starch made and why does a...
64  cards
Mock Practice Questions Wrong
State an alternative to using lim...,
State what colour sodium hydrogen...,
Explain how inhalation occurs 4
16  cards
Parts Of The Eye Quick
24  cards
Things U Got Wring Gcse Mindmap
How is urea produced,
How can carbon dioxide be toxic i...,
Why will water be lost from cells...
223  cards
Reprpduction And Inheritance
Explain the process of translation,
What is a gene,
Describe the structure of dna
53  cards

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