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Chapter 1 - Evolution & Themes
What are the levels of biological...,
What are the 5 unifying themes,
Give an example of organization
42  cards
Chapter 2 - The Chemical Context Of Life + Test Review
Explain why table salt has emerge...,
Is a trace element an essential e...,
What is an element
63  cards
Chapter 3 - Water And Life + Test Review
What is electronegativity and how...,
Why is it unlikely that two neigh...,
What would be the affect on the p...
50  cards
Chapter 4 - Carbon + Test Review
Explain the diversity of carbon,
What is organic chemistry,
What is biological chemistry
14  cards
Chapter 5 - Test Review
What are macromolecules,
What are monomers how are they us...,
What are the 4 classes of macromo...
51  cards
Chapter 6 - The Cell
What is a light microscope,
What are 3 important parameters i...,
How much can lms magnify an image
38  cards
Chapter 6 - The Cell (Part 2)
What is a lysosome,
What can lysosomal enzymes hydrolyze,
What is phagocytosis
37  cards
Chapter 7 - Membrane Structure and Function
What is selective permeability,
What are aquaporins,
What is an amphipathic molecule
50  cards
Chapter 11 - Cell Communication
What can send receive interpret a...,
What is the signal transduction p...,
What is quorum sensing
61  cards
Chapter 9 - Cellular Respiration and Fermentation
How do catabolic pathways yield e...,
What types of compounds can act a...,
What is fermentation
61  cards
Chapter 10 - Photosynthesis
What is photosynthesis,
An organism acquires the organic ...,
What are autotrophs
47  cards
Chapter 10 - The Calvin Cycle
What does the calvin cycle do,
How does carbon enter and leave t...,
How many times must the cycle tak...
18  cards
Chapter 12 - The Cell Cycle
What is one characteristic that d...,
What is the continuity of life ba...,
In what type of organisms does th...
39  cards
Chapter 12 - The Cell Cycle - Part 2
What is binary fission,
What is the origin of replication,
How is the eukaryotic cell cycle ...
17  cards
Chapter 13 - Meiosis and Sexual Life Cycles
What is heredity,
What is genetics,
What is variation
35  cards
Chapter 13 - Meiosis and Sexual Life Cycles PART II
What proteins hold sister chromat...,
What is the synaptonemal complex,
What is synapsis what takes place...
14  cards
Chapter 14 - Mendel and the Gene Idea
How did mendel discover the basic...,
What is a character,
What is a trait
48  cards
Chapter 15 - The Chromosomal Basis of Inheritance
What is the chromosome theory of ...,
What is mendelian inheritance bas...,
What is the wild type
33  cards
Chapter 16 - The Molecular Basis of Inheritance
Who are the two men credited for ...,
Who is the man that showed that g...,
What are the two chemical compone...
55  cards
Chapter 17 - Gene Expression: From Gene to Protein
What is gene expression,
Discuss the flow of genetic infor...,
What specify proteins via transcr...
71  cards
Chapter 18 - Regulation of Gene Expression
How do bacteria respond to enviro...,
What is an operator,
What is an operon
59  cards
Chapter 19 - Viruses
What is a virus,
What do viral genomes consist of,
What is a capsid
40  cards
Chapter 20 - DNA Tools and Biotechnology
What is biotechnology,
What do the applications of dna t...,
What is nucleic acid hybridization
50  cards
Chapter 21 - Genomes and Their Evolution
What is genomics,
What is bioinformatics,
What is proteomics
30  cards

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