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Cell Structure
What is resolution,
Advantages and disadvantages of o...,
Disadvantages of optical microscopes
26  cards
Biological Molecules
Covalent bond,
Hydrogen bond
187  cards
Exchange Surfaces and Breathing
How does air get to lungs,
Gaseous exchange in lungs,
Special features
36  cards
Transport In Animals
What will an effective transport ...,
Single and double circularity system,
Disadvantages of single circulato...
118  cards
Transport In Plants
What affects a plants need for sp...,
What does every cell in a multice...,
How can these demands be met
164  cards
Biological Membrane
What do some organelles gave and ...,
What does permeability refer to,
How do very small molecules get t...
178  cards
Nucleic Acids
What biochemical processes do nuc...,
What are nucleotides structurally,
What bonds form between nucleotid...
138  cards
Cell Division, Cell Diversity And Cell Differentation
What could early researchers obse...,
What is mitosis,
What s the m phase
206  cards
Enzymes :).
How do enzymes speed up chemical ...,
What parts of metabolic reactions...,
What can enzymes affect in organism
134  cards
Transport In Animals :).
Why can t multicellular organisms...,
How does lots of multicellular or...,
What do multicellular organisms n...
130  cards
Mock Failures
What s the difference between vac...,
When you listen to a human heartb...,
Zinc ions are necessary for enzym...
32  cards
Disease And The Immune .System :)
What organisms can get diseases,
What is a pathogen,
What types of pathogens are there
233  cards
Biodiversity :).
What is a species,
What is a habitat,
What physical factors of a habita...
160  cards
Cell Structure :).
What are eukaryotic cells made of,
What are eukaryotic cells,
What are prokaryotic cells
122  cards
How Science Works :).
What s science about,
How do scientists gain knowledge,
Scientific process
17  cards
Development Of Practical Skills :)
Precise results describe,
Repeatable and reproducible means,
Reproducible means
66  cards
Biological Molecules :).
Name some important functions of ...,
How is water being a reactant useful,
What s a solvent
243  cards
Nucleotides And Nucleic Acids :).
What s a nucleotide made up of,
What elements do all nucleotides ...,
Why are nucleotides really important
102  cards
Biological Membrane :)
What are plasma membrane,
Can substances move across the ce...,
How can substances move across a ...
105  cards
:) Cell Division And Cellular.Organisms
What are the four stages of the c...,
G2 checkpoint,
M phase
96  cards
:) Exchange And.Transport
What do cells need to take in,
What do cells need to excrete,
What does how easy the exchange o...
107  cards
Transport In Plants :).
What do plants need to get rid of,
How are plants like animals,
Why can t plants just diffuse eve...
134  cards
:) classification And Evolution
What s the point of classification,
What s taxonomy,
How many different classification...
129  cards
Define magnification
1  cards
Plant Diseases
Ring rot,
Tobacco mosaic virus,
Potato blight
4  cards
Animal Diseases
Hiv aids
7  cards

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