biology as level cie

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Chapter 1
Microscope slide preparation,
Samples which need to be stained ...,
Slide preparation methods table
15  cards
Chapter 1.2
Electron micrograph animal cells,
Electron micrographs plant cells,
The ultrastructure of an animal c...
27  cards
Chapter 2
Testing for key biological molecules,
The benedict s test for reducing ...,
The iodine test for starch
21  cards
Chapter 2.2
The key molecules that are requir...,
Carbon atoms are key to the organ...,
52  cards
Chapter 2.3
Amino acid,
Proteins are extremely important ...
43  cards
Chapter 2.4
Water molecules structure and att...,
Water def,
Hydrogen bonds contribute to the ...
10  cards
Chapter 3
Enzymes as proteins,
Types of enzymes,
Mode of enzyme action
13  cards
Chapter 3.2
Rate temperature,
Lower temperatures,
Higher temperatures speed up reac...
22  cards
Chapter 4
If phospholipids are mixed with w...,
Fluid mosaic model meaning,
The fluid mosaic model describes ...
29  cards
Chapter 4.2
Diffusion factors table,
Causes of diffusion
28  cards
Chapter 5.1
Chromosome structure,
During interphase,
Important to make sure that cell ...
36  cards
Chapter 5.2
Mitosis is the process,
Although mitosis is in reality on...,
11  cards
Chapter 6.1
Nucleotide structure,
Nucleotide structure table
24  cards
Chapter 6.2
From gene to polypeptide,
Constructing polypeptides transcr...,
20  cards
Chapter 7.1
Dicotyledonous dicots plants,
Transport systems,
When drawing tissue plan diagrams...
27  cards
Chapter 7.2
Water movement in plants,
Movement of water in leaves,
The movement of water
32  cards
Chapter 8.1
The need for a circulatory system,
Open closed systems,
Humans have a closed double circu...
44  cards
Chapter 8.2
Coronary arteries,
Valves in the heart,
Valves are important for
28  cards
Chapter 9.1
The human gas exchange system,
41  cards
Chpater 9.2
Describe the signs and symptoms o...,
Tar is a chemical in cigarettes a...
9  cards
Chapter 10.1
Infectious diseases def and example,
Non infectious diseases def and e...,
Common pathogens their diseases
32  cards
Chapter 10.2
Antibiotics work by interfering w...,
How penicillin affects bacteria
19  cards
Chapter 11.1
What are phagocytes,
Where are phagocytes stored,
Function of phagocytes
42  cards
Chapyer 11.2
Antibodies structure,
A model of the generalised struct...,
Function of antibodies
48  cards

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