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5.3 PMT
Describe 2 ways in which the gran...,
Why is temp a limiting factor,
Outline the ways in which heterot...
9  cards
What two monosaccharides make up ...,
What is atrial fibrillation,
What are the cellular functions o...
17  cards
biological molecules PMT
Describe the effect of a high tem...,
What are the function of cell mem...,
What are the functions of glycopr...
11  cards
Enzymes QP1 PMT
What bonds does ph affect in enzymes,
Give structural differences betwe...,
What properties of cellulose make...
7  cards
Childress magnification QS
Why is resolution so low on optic...,
What is the role of lysosomes in ...,
Do viruses have a cell surface me...
7  cards
QP1 neurones PMT
What are the ways in which sensor...,
Explain the effect of sweating on...,
When reffering to vasodilation wh...
12  cards
Childress biotechnology QS
Compare the equipment and techniq...,
When testing the effect of someth...,
Why is asepsis important
6  cards
photosynthesis QP1
What are ways in which grana are ...,
Why is temperature a limiting factor,
Why is co2 conc a limiting factor
13  cards
transport in plants QP2 PMT
The sap in phloem sieve tubes is ...,
Describe how assimilates are move...,
Describe why smoke could pass fro...
14  cards
2019 AS bredth
Describe exhalation,
How can uncertainty in data be re...,
What piece of apparatus can be us...
8  cards
hormonal communication qp1 PMT
After the release of insulin from...,
Describe two similarities in the ...,
Explain why plants are more able ...
7  cards
respiration qp1 PMT
Why does aerobic respiration yiel...,
Why does anaerobic reparation pro...,
Why can the anaerobic respiration...
6  cards
plants and animal responses qp1 and 3 PMT
What part of the brain if damaged...,
When looking at responses of plan...,
What type of molecule forms ion c...
29  cards
communicable diseases qp1 PMT
Whats a parasite,
What are cytokines,
What are the 3 types of cytokines
16  cards
transport in animals qp3
What is the inner elastic later m...,
What is the elastic later made of...,
What is the elastic later made of...
16  cards
cellular control cgp
Explain how lactase is produced i...,
A mutation leads to more transcri...,
Give two reasons why a substituti...
5  cards
patterns of inheritance cgp
Explain why the results suggest t...,
Give 2 examples of a phenotypic t...
2  cards
biodiversity pmt qp2
Why are the number of threatened ...,
Why are number of species identif...,
What are current day ways of impr...
6  cards
cloning and biotechnology qp1
As sugar concentration decreases ...,
Explain why ethanol is considered...,
What two factors may limit the ma...
4  cards
cloning and biotechnology cgp
Outline how someone could use the...,
Iii page 65,
What are the advantages and disad...
7  cards
bio photo aqa
How would you set up to produce a...,
How would heat stress on the ligh...,
Explain why the decrease in activ...
8  cards
control of heart rate
What are safety precautions that ...,
Caffeine affects the autonomic sy...,
Exercise causes an increase in he...
5  cards
6.5 a
Define ammonification,
Define nitrification,
Define denitrification
8  cards
3 hardy weinberg
Why are males more likely to be c...,
What are causes of genetic variation,
In genetic crosses the observed p...
5  cards
as 2020 1 and 2
Why does convergent evolution occur,
Why is the type of nuclear divisi...,
Explain the role of embryonic ste...
28  cards
2019 biological processes
What plant hormones control leaf ...,
Describe the processes that occur...,
Why is gibberellin classed as a p...
19  cards
ecosystems qp1
How do u calculate percentage eff...,
What are two examples why ecosyst...,
Suggest why bodies are not decomp...
4  cards
cloning and biotechnology2
What is biotechnology,
How is biotechnology used to prod...,
How is biotechnology used to produce
11  cards
2017 unified
State a material that can be used...,
Describe 3 differences between th...,
What are reasons why a test may b...
14  cards
pmt communicable diseases
Describe the actions of b lymphoc...,
Why can people sometimes lose imm...,
Suggest why the resistance of mrs...
4  cards
pmt transport in animals
How does the artery withstand pre...,
How does the artery maintain pres...,
Why is the ventricle thicker than...
5  cards
classification and evolution qp4
When more organisms occupy a larg...,
Explain the importance of samplin...,
Why is it important to take sampl...
16  cards
2017 biological diversity
What does the capture recapture t...,
The madi national park is used fo...,
If you reject the null hypothesis...
15  cards
enzymes recap
What are the enzyme inhibitors th...,
How is potassium cyanide an enzym...,
How is snake venom an enzyme inhi...
17  cards
2018 biological diversity
What type of microscope can be us...,
State roles of mitosis in multice...,
State reasons why one species may...
14  cards
evolution aq
Larger brains are better at ident...,
Describe how the behaviour of fem...,
Desribe how farming cattle as a s...
5  cards
18 unified
How would allele b inhibit the ex...,
Describe the production of a by s...,
Effect of temp on plasma membrane
9  cards
19 diverse
Define osmosis,
Explain the importance of osmosis...,
How could inserting a gene into a...
7  cards
19 unified
What are ways in which a student ...,
Why does pondweed have no waxy cu...,
Why does pondweed have a thin fle...
12  cards
2020 unified
Describe how the endocrine and ne...,
Endocrine system hypothalamus cau...
2  cards
Three functions of the myelin sheath,
Explain why some action potential...,
What is the equation for area of ...
6  cards
ecosystems qp2
How is animal protein and plant p...,
What type of bacteria are nitroso...,
Why is the continued existence of...
7  cards
practice paper 2
What occurs at prophase 1,
How could the failure of hox gene...,
How could gene expression be regu...
10  cards
2022 diversity
What are steps that should be fol...,
Why is it important that aseptic ...,
Why is a logarithmic scale used
7  cards

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