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Cell And General Physiology
Are polar molecules lipophilic or...,
Are non polar molecules lipophili...,
Large water soluble hydrophilic o...
68  cards
Renal System
Name 3 countercurrent systems in ...,
What is a countercurrent system,
What is the difference in a count...
130  cards
Neuromuscular Physiology and Pharmacology
Where do motor neurons to skeleta...,
The sensory neurons from the skel...,
The motor and sensory nerves of t...
117  cards
Peripheral Nervous System
What are the two primary division...,
The somatic nervous system send m...,
What is the predominant neurotran...
226  cards
Evoked Potential Monitoring
What is the purpose of somatosens...,
Where are somatosensory evoked po...,
Where are somatosensory evoked po...
29  cards
Pain Pathway and Opioids
What fibers are responsible for t...,
What fibers are responsible for s...,
What are the fibers involved in p...
41  cards
Central Nervous System Issues
What is the correct order from ou...,
Afferent nerves are ________ and ...,
Efferent nerves are ______ and ex...
81  cards
SEE exam Questions
What is placenta accreta,
What is placenta increta,
What is placenta percreta
156  cards
In the supine position what is th...,
If possible when a patient is in ...,
What are changes seen in circulat...
10  cards
Pulmonary Function Tests (referencing M&M)
Post surgical morbidity and morta...,
_______ helps distinguish restric...,
What are 2 advantages of flow vol...
14  cards
Transport of Gases (CO2, O2, dissociation curves)
________ is d t or a function of ...,
What is p50 and what is the norma...,
What so2 corresponds to po2 s of ...
47  cards
Ion Concentrations
10  cards
Drugs (s/e, dosing, MOA, onset, peak, etc) & some cardiac
Trade name for succinylcholine,
Trade name for mivacurium,
Trade name for atracurium
93  cards
Nerve Fiber Quiz
Name the different types of nerve...,
Name the fibers that are myelinated,
List the fibers in order from lar...
29  cards
Receptor Review (alpha, beta)
Where are alpha 1 receptors found,
Where are alpha 2 receptors found,
Where are beta 1 receptors found
19  cards
Cranial Nerve Quiz
Name cranial nerve and its functi...,
Name cranial nerve and its functi...,
Name cranial nerve and its functi...
12  cards
EKG Quiz
What two leads should you consult...,
How can you assess for first degr...,
How can you assess for second deg...
31  cards
Cardiac Quiz
What two factors determine mean a...,
What two factors determine cardia...,
The interplay of what 3 factors d...
118  cards
What are the 4 stages of hemostasis,
What are the 4 main stages of pri...,
______ promotes platelet adhesion
104  cards
Coagulation Factor Quiz
What is the name of the following...,
What is the name of the following...,
What is the name of the following...
14  cards
Anatomy of the larynx
Because it supplies all other int...,
The ______ branch of the _______ ...,
The ______ branch of the _______ ...
17  cards
Control of ventilation & Pulmonary mechanics
The central chemoreceptors are st...,
______ drives normal respiration,
The peripheral chemoreceptors are...
102  cards
Fluid-Electrolyte Balance and Disturbances
_________ controls threshold,
A _______ in plasma calcium conce...,
______ of calcium are in bones te...
13  cards
Acid-Base Balance and Disturbances
Steps to determining acid base st...,
Ph is determined by the ratio of ...,
Name two acid base disturbances t...
30  cards
A medianstinoscopy is most useful...,
What is the first and second most...,
Where should a bp cuff be placed ...
31  cards
GI pharmacology
Name 3 histamine 2 h2 receptor an...,
What is the moa of h2 receptor an...,
What are the drug interaction con...
16  cards
What is the theoretical volume ne...,
What is the theoretical volume of...,
What is elimination half time t1 2b
33  cards
Weak Acids and Weak Bases
When does a drug usually precipitate,
Weak acids become more ________ w...,
Weak bases become more ________ w...
23  cards
Local Anesthetics
In general the _______ the pka of...,
What local anesthetic is the most...,
Why does chloroprocaine have a fa...
71  cards
Local Anesthetics pKa QUIZ
Name the pka chloroprocaine,
Name the pka procaine,
Name the pka ropivacaine
9  cards
Inhalational Agents
Potency is directly related to __...,
What is the meyer overton rule,
What provides a quantitative meas...
26  cards
Inhalational Agents QUIZ (Just the #'s)
Name the oil gas partition coeffi...,
Name the oil gas partition coeffi...,
Name the oil gas partition coeffi...
25  cards
IV Anesthetics
Name some barbiturates,
What properties does thiopental p...,
What negative properties does thi...
29  cards
Physics and Chemistry
The closer the vapor pressure is ...,
Vapor pressure is a function of _...,
The concentration of any gas is f...
49  cards
Positioning and Nerve Injuries
What is the most most upper extre...,
The ulnar nerve is stretched when...,
Injury to the ulnar nerve causes ...
38  cards
Obstetrical Anesthesia
Rsi application of cricoid pressu...,
What are 3 lung capacities that d...,
Would you expect pao2 to be highe...
105  cards
Regional Anesthesia
How long does it take for the spi...,
Which ligament binds the epidural...,
Where is the epidural space the w...
138  cards
Pediatric Anesthesia
30 days of age,
1 12 mos of age,
1 12 yrs of age
31  cards

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