building construction 4th edition

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Chapter 1
The use of a single organization ...,
Guidelines apply to basic units o...,
A set of rules developed by a sta...
33  cards
Chapter 13
Codes allow the fire department t...,
New building codes require that a...,
Fire hazards at construction site...
13  cards
Chapter 12
Model building codes define a hig...,
High rise in reinforced concrete ...,
High rise and steel frame buildin...
59  cards
Chapter 11
Common roof style that consist of...,
Roof style that slopes in for dir...,
Slopes into directions but there ...
27  cards
Chapter 10
The single most important factor ...,
Hardening of concrete involves a ...,
During the hardening of concrete ...
34  cards
Chapter 9
Elements added to steel will alte...,
19  cards
Chapter 8
Mortar is available in five basic...,
Most commonly used seamit consist...,
Most mortar is produced from a mi...
15  cards
Chapter 7
Solid lumber includes,
Dimensional lumber is available i...,
The standard tensile strength of ...
12  cards
Chapter 5
Movement of the flame away from t...,
Speed at which flame will spread ...,
Any enclosed space without intern...
39  cards
Chapter 4
Building codes have traditionally...,
More recently codes also require ...,
This type of smoke proof enclosur...
54  cards
Chapter 3
The direction of forces from load...,
The force is with any structural ...,
When a structural support system ...
43  cards
Chapter 2
Factors that influence fire behav...,
Type i,
Type ii
26  cards

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building construction 4th edition

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