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Ch 10- Getting Paid & Paying Taxes
Types of Pay
10  cards
Ch 10- Getting Paid & Paying Taxes
Types of Tax
14  cards
Ch 4- Smart Shopping
Chapter 4- Personal Finance
32  cards
Ch 5- Your Consumer Rights
Merchantable quality,
Fit for the purpose intended,
Small claims procedure
14  cards
Ch 14- The Importance Of Enterprise
What is enterprise,
What is an entrepreneur,
What are commercial enterprises
24  cards
Ch 15- Researching Your Business
What are the steps to developing ...,
How can ideas for a new business ...,
What is idea screening
20  cards
Ch 16- Marketing Your Business
What is marketing,
What is target market,
What is marketing mix
26  cards
Ch 8- Borrowing Wisely
What is the cost of borrowing,
What is a flat rate of interest,
What does apr stand for what is it
24  cards
Ch 9- Reducing Financial Risks with Insurance
What is insurance,
What are the benefits of insurance,
What are the types of insurance o...
32  cards
Ch 6- Your Consumer Responsibilities
What is an ethical business,
What is an ethical shopper,
What are consumer boycotts
9  cards
Ch 13- Employment
What is work,
What is employment,
What is voluntary work
36  cards
Ch 30- Economic Indicators
What are economic indicators,
What are the 6 economic indicators,
What is inflation
39  cards
National Budgeting (Ch 37 on PP)
What is a national budget,
What is current expenditure give ...,
What is current income give an ex...
13  cards
Ch 31 & 33- Role of Govt. & Economic Policies
What is fiscal policy,
What is monetary policy,
What is industrial policy
15  cards
CH40 Sustainable Development
What is sustainable development,
What is the total lifecycle approach,
What is the first stage
19  cards
Ch 32- Globalisation
What are visible exports,
What are visible imports,
What are invisible exports
11  cards
Ch 29- Economic Systems-not finished
What is an economy,
What is the private sector give e...,
What is the public sector give ex...
7  cards
Mock 23
Ch8- Borrowing Wisely Income Statements & SFP Ch 26- Economic Challenge
13  cards
Ch 7- Super Saving
Why should i save,
Where to save money,
What is a credit union
11  cards
Ch 17- Technology
What is ict,
Digital technology,
Benefits to a business
10  cards
Ch 27- Demand and Supply
Market demand,
Demand curve,
What are movements in a demand cu...
22  cards
Ch. 20- Managing Business Transactions (documents)
Different business documents,
General treatments for documents,
Treatment letter of inquiry
38  cards
Ch 3- Personal Banking
What is a current account,
What are the main benefits of hav...,
Advantage of debit cards
9  cards
Ch 25- Assessing the business
What are the 3 factors used when ...,
What are the 3 calculations to as...,
What is the gross profit percenta...
18  cards

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