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What year is the irmer,
What is a rpa,
What is a developer
34  cards
What is a fissure sealant,
Why do we use fissure sealant,
What is abrasion
35  cards
Health and Saftey
What are the clinical colour mops,
What is riddor,
Which htm documents relates to th...
15  cards
What are the four components of t...,
What is plaque made of,
What is saliva pellicle
18  cards
What is class 1 occlusion,
What do you use to cut wiring,
A relationship in which the mandi...
3  cards
What is rvd,
What is ovd,
What is edentulous
3  cards
Which one of the following is mos...,
The formation of carious lesion i...,
Which of the following describes ...
3  cards
Oral Surgery
Which instrument is used to retra...,
What complications may you have a...,
What is a primary haemorrhage
29  cards
First Aid
When carrying out cpr what is the...,
Which of the following should be ...,
Low blood sugar is medically know...
8  cards
Infection Control
The technique used for separating...,
Chlorhexidne gluconate is a type ...,
Which of the following items of p...
15  cards
Dental Charting
The dentist tells a patient that ...,
The dentist tells a patient they ...
2  cards
Structure of the tooth
A deciduous lower molar tooth nor...
1  cards
Which of the following is a muscl...,
The bone which forms the majority...,
Which one of the following saliva...
3  cards
GDC Guidelines
Following gdc guidelines for scop...,
Which of the following can a dent...
2  cards

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