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Minor Oral Surgery
What do pre op checks consist of,
How patient preparation is done,
Types of minor oral surgery
11  cards
What is the v cranial nerve called,
How many pairs of cranial nerves ...,
Which nerve supplies the upper an...
28  cards
Examples of non surgical endi,
What is the definition of endodon...,
Surgical endo treatment
41  cards
Removable Prosthetics
What are the four types of dentures,
What is a post dam,
What are arcylic dentures made up of
5  cards
What is class l occlusion,
During ortho what is used to meas...,
What is class ll occlusion
16  cards
OH Promotion
Which tooth brushing technique cl...,
What is the recommended tooth bru...,
What toothbrushing technique is c...
9  cards
Cross Infection Control
What does htm 01 05 stand for,
What is the definition of cross i...,
What are the four stages of decon...
23  cards
What bacteria is found in dental ...,
What is the name of the bacteria ...,
What is the name of the bacteria ...
18  cards
What are the four main types of a...,
What are he core subjects needed ...,
Where should complaints be made r...
15  cards
Tooth Anatomy
What is the first stage of tooth ...,
What is the correct terminology f...,
What is the second stage of tooth...
72  cards
What is muscle dystrophy,
What does origin mean,
Where is orbiculous oris situated
15  cards
Bones Of The Skull
What is the outer layer of bone c...,
What are the three main areas of ...,
What is a foramen
13  cards
Oral Disease
What does malignant mean,
What does benign mean,
What are the four types of oral c...
9  cards
Health & Safety
What would you record on a coshh ...,
What is the year of the health an...,
What is the definition of manual ...
19  cards
Saliva, Salivary Glands & The Tongue
Where is the parotid gland situated,
What are the three salivary glands,
Which is the largest gland
24  cards
What is the name of harmless micr...,
What is the name of the micro org...,
What are the round shaped bacteri...
17  cards
Medical Conditions And Drugs
What is a symptom,
What is a sign p,
What are the signs of a faint vas...
36  cards
What is the plaque matrix made up of,
Why are the four components of th...,
What is plaque made up if
20  cards
Heart, Blood, Lungs & Digestion
What is dystolic,
What is systolic,
How blood pressure is read
37  cards
Fixed Prosthetics
What is used to take opposing imp...
1  cards
What does a rectangular collimato...,
When were x rays discovered,
How many msv are in 2 bite wings
23  cards
Restoration Materials & Instruments
What does good cavity prep consis...,
Factors that affect the choice of...,
What is the purpose of a mouth mi...
36  cards

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