cfi school tampa atp 7/2

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Decks in this class (17)

Maneuver Objective Statements
Turns around a point,
S turns,
Rectangular course
10  cards
Must Know Definitions
Critical engine,
Middle name
6  cards
Part 61 Subpart A General
33  cards
Part 61 Subpart B Aircraft Ratings and Pilot Authorizations
6163 b,
6163 c
8  cards
Part 61 Subpart C Student Pilots
18  cards
61 Subpart E Private Pilots
9  cards
Part 61 Subpart F Commercial Pilots
6  cards
Part 61 Subpart H Flight Instructors
9  cards
FOI: Human Behavior and Effective Communication (Task A)
Human beahvior,
Human needs,
Maslows hierarchy of human needs
17  cards
FOI Mnemonics
Defense mechanism,
Abnormal reactions to stress,
Basic elements of communication
36  cards
FOI: The Learning Process (Task B)
Learning theory,
22  cards
FOI: The Teaching Process (Task C)
What is teaching,
Essential teaching skill,
Course of training
43  cards
FOI: Assessment and Critique (Task D)
Purpose of assessment,
Characteristics of an effective a...
22  cards
FOI: Instructor Responsibilities and Professionalism (Task E)
Professional developement instruc...,
Instructor responsibilities helpi...,
Instructor responsibilities empha...
18  cards
FOI: Techniques of Flight Instruction (Task F)
Obstacle to learning during fligh...,
Demonstration performance trainin...,
Positive exchange of flight control
14  cards
FOI: Principles of Risk Management (Task G)
Risk management,
Principles of risk management,
Accept no unnecessary risk
17  cards
What is the definition of human b...,
Levels of human needs according t...,
What is motivation
29  cards

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cfi school tampa atp 7/2

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