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Innate and Adaptive Immunity
Describe the term immunology,
Explain the function,
List characteristics of neutrophils
36  cards
Describe the function of igg,
Describe characteristics of igg s...,
Describe iga function
21  cards
Cellular Activities and Clinical Disorders
What are the steps of phagocytosis,
What happens during chemotaxis in...,
What happens during adhesion
70  cards
Which branch of the immune system...,
Complement activation triggers wh...,
What happens if complement regula...
28  cards
Soluble mediators of the immune system
4 main sources of brms by mononuc...,
Classes of brm immunotherapy,
What are cytokines
44  cards
What are the 4 types of hypersens...,
Give examples of type i hypersens...,
Give examples of type ii hypersen...
46  cards
Infectious diseases
Characteristics of infectious dis...,
Development of infectious disease...,
Traditional infectious lab testing
90  cards
Book practice Questions: Hypersensitivity
Type i hypersensitivity is associ...,
Type ii hypersensitivity is assoc...,
Type iii is associated with
19  cards
What is the drug of choice for tr...,
What causes syphilis specifically...,
Is syphilis cultivatable with con...
47  cards
Streptococcus pyogenes group a st...,
Strep pyogenes hemolysis,
Strep pyogenes less common diseases
92  cards
Hepatits & Vaccines
Viral hepatitis overview,
Hepatitis a characteristics,
Hepatits b
48  cards
Rheumatoid arthritis & Lupus Erythmatosus
Know the different forms of lupus,
Difference between discoid lupus ...,
Drug induced lupus
65  cards
Immunoproliferative Disorders
What type of cell produces most o...,
Are hypergammaglobulinemias monoc...,
What are a few key factors about ...
61  cards
Tolerance, Autoimmunity and AI disorders
True or false self recognition to...,
Failure to recognize self antigen...,
Immune responses require what two...
52  cards

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