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When testing the plantar reflex, a normal observation is: A) Plantar extension B) Plantar flexion C) Babinski sign D) No response

B) Plantar flexion


Which artery is NOT used to assess arterial pulses during a normal physical eam? A.Radial B.Femoral C.Ulnar D.Posterior Tibial



Which of the following breath sounds is defined as superficial grating or creaking sounds heard during inspiration and expiration that are not relieved by coughing?
A.) Wheezing B.) Vesicular breath sounds C.) Crackles (rales) D.) Friction rub

D.) Friction rub


When grading the amplitude of arterial pulses, a grade of 4+ can
be described as:
A.) Absent B.) Brisk, expected C.) Diminished D.) Bounding

D.) Bounding


Although unreliable to determine BP without sphygmomanometer, a radial pulse indicates what systolic pressure? a) 60 b) 70 c) 80 d) 90

d) 90


When examining the skin for possible melanoma, one would expect to see moles with A) asymmetry B) irregular borders C) changes in color D) a diameter >6 mm with accompanying itching/bleeding E) all of the above are possible signs of melanoma

E) all of the above are possible signs of melanoma


In the ABCDs for examing moles for melanoma, what does the "C" stand for? A) Configuration B) Crusting C) Collagen D) Color Change

D) Color Change


What cranial nerve are you testing when you examine for atrophy in your patients trapezius muscles? A) Vagus - X B) Spinal Accessory - XI C) Facial - VII D) Hypoglossal XII

B) Spinal Accessory - XI


Which of the following drugs is not affected by pseudocholinesterase deficiency? A) Succinylcholine B) Mivacurium C)Propofol D) Ester Local Anesthetics



Which of the following accurately defines rales? A) Continuous, high-pitched sounds best heard on expiration B) Fine, short, interrupted sounds best heard on inspiration but can best be heard on both inspiration and expiration C) Continuous, low-pitched coarse sounds with a moaning or snoring quality D) Soft-intensity, low-pitched blowing sounds best heard on expiration

B) Fine, short, interrupted sounds best heard on inspiration but can best be heard on both inspiration and expiration


The coughing up of blood from the lungs is called A)epsistaxis B)Bronchophony C)hemoptosis D)emphysema

C) hemoptosis


Enlargement of inguinal lymph nodes up to 1 to 2 cm in size can be found in healthy adults. A) True B) False

A) True


The apex of each lung rises __ to __ centimeters above the clavicle:
a) 1 to 2
b) 2 to 4
c) 4 to 6
d) the apex of each lung does not rise above the clavicle

b) 2 to 4


Which cranial nerve can be omitted from the practical exam? a) CNI, olfactory nerve b) CNII, optic nerve c) CNIII Oculomotor Nerve d) CNIV, trochlear nerve

a) CNI, olfactory nerve


Which test is used to access the adequacy of circulation to the hand prior to radial/ulnar artery cannulation? A) Stress Test B) Dobutamine stress echo C) Woody's Test D) Allen's Test E) Thrombosis Test

D. Allen's test


You perform a bronchophony exam on your patient and indistinctly hear the words “99” while listening to their chest with a stethoscope. This finding is… a) Normal, b) Abnormal, c) Indicative of bronchophony, d) None of the above

A. normal


The bicep reflex tests which nerve combination? A) c3,c4 B) c5 c6 C) c7 c8

B. c5 c6


A 54 y/o man presents for a revision of a right AV fistula. His problem list includes: ESRD, CHF, DM, Morbid Obesity and HTN with NKDA. All of the following are relevant tests to assess pre-operatively except... A. 12 lead EKG. B. CBC C. CMP D. Beta Hcg E. Chest X Ray

D. Beta Hcg


Superficial grating or creaking sounds heard during inhalation and exhalation while performing a pulmonary examination of the lungs is most likely: A) Rales B) Rhonchi C) Friction rub D) Wheeze

C. friction rub


When performing the Allen's Test, the hand should return to normal color within: a) 5-6 seconds b) 5-7 seconds c) 5-8 seconds d)5-9 seconds

B. 5-7 seconds


Which of the following cannot be used to obtain left ventricular ejection fraction? A. Stress Echo B. Dobutamine Stress Echo C. Myocardial Perfusion Scan D. Coronary angiography

D. coronary angiography


Which adventitious breath sound is suggestive of partial airway obstruction from secretions, tissue inflammation, or a foreign body? A) Rhonchi B) Rales C) Wheeze D) None of the Above

c. wheeze


The lower posterior border of the lung is at this spinous process A) T8 B) T9 C) T10 D) T12

C. T10


What is a typical reflex respose to stimuli that irritate receptors in the larynx, trachea, or large bronchi? A) Wheezing B) Coughing C) Hemoptysis D) Dyspnea

B. coughing


By palpating the temporal and masseter muscles while asking the patient to clench his/her teeth, you are checking for the function of which cranial nerve? A) CN V B) CN VII C) CN IV D) CN X