coffee break french season 2

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Season 2, Lesson 12 - Negative Form of the Immediate Future Tense
Today we are going to learn some ...,
Today i am going to drink some co...,
This evening they are going to li...
28  cards
Season 2, Lesson 19 - ‘This’, ‘these’, ‘that’ and ‘those’
‘This’, ‘these’, ‘that’ and ‘those’
25  cards
Season 2, Lesson 20 - Review of perfect tense
This morning i woke up at seven o...,
I had a shower,
I got dressed
30  cards
Season 2, Lessons 22 and 23 - The Imperfect Tense
I was speaking to your mum when y...,
You were speaking to your friend ...,
He was speaking spanish when he s...
65  cards
Season 2, Lesson 25 - Relative pronouns: qui and que
It s the boy who is under the plane,
It s marie who is coming with us,
The two rooms which that have a s...
21  cards
Season 2, Lesson 21 - Looking at two pronouns: y and en
What did you do in germany,
What did you do there,
We did lots of things there
42  cards
Season 2, Lesson 26 - ‘Avant de’ and ‘venir de’
Before singing the song,
Before learning french,
Before eating the cheese
28  cards
Season 2, Lesson 27 - After having done something...
Before doing something,
To have just done something,
Before starting the lesson today ...
31  cards
Season 2, Lesson 28 - Getting a taxi in a French-speaking area
I would like a taxi,
We want a taxi,
A taxi rank
44  cards
Season 2, Lesson 29 - Hiring a car in a French-speaking area
A car,
To drive,
To drive a car
44  cards
Season 2, Lesson 30 - Making a phone call in French
Telephone number,
To dial
34  cards
Season 2, Lesson 31 - What a coincidence!
Are you from here,
We re lost
35  cards
Season 2, Lesson 32 - How lucky you are!
She has lived here for ten years,
To manage to get by,
However on the other hand having ...
41  cards
Season 2, Lesson 33 - Do you fancy eating with us?
I present you,
I don t even know,
What you re called
53  cards
Season 2, Lesson 34 - We’re going to make some progress!
Lager light beer,
Carafe pitcher,
I ll see to this right away
36  cards
Season 2, Lesson 35 - We trust you!
What do you work as,
I m an accountant for chanel,
My mother works part time in a re...
40  cards
Season 2, Lesson 18, Reflexive verbs in the perfect tense
I went to the market,
She arrived at the station,
We left at three o clock
23  cards
Season 2, Lesson 15 - The perfect tense: irregular verbs
Elle a ete,
Nous avons compris,
Ils ont bu
24  cards
Season 2, Lesson 1 - Learning about the present tense
I do my homework at 5pm every night,
To dance i dance,
To sing i sing
24  cards
Season 2, Lesson 4 - Using the present tense to make arrangements
Let s go to the restaurant,
Let s go to the beach,
Let s go let s get to it
13  cards
Season 2, Lesson 36 - On se tutoie?
It is indeed the house white it w...,
Are you ready to order,
Next after that
40  cards
Season 2, Lesson 37 - Ils sont en train de mijoter un truc!
We were told thatliterally one to...,
You will really like it
53  cards
Season 2, Lesson 38 - Je ne l’avais jamais goûté
How was your food,
I had never tasted it,
As usual
49  cards

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